Renegades Write the Rules | Amy Jo Martin

Summary of: Renegades Write the Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate
By: Amy Jo Martin

Return on Influence

Companies measure the success of their online activities using “cold metrics,” which are flawed. To get a more accurate understanding of how followers engage with their brand, companies should use “warm metrics,” such as engagement levels and sentiment analysis. Combining “cold” and “warm” metrics provides a more meaningful ROI called “return on influence.” Companies need to realize that social media is today’s primary source of relevance, so they should be their prime-time channel.


Embark on a journey of discovery into the world of social media, where innovation sparks and digital communities blossom. Learn from expert Amy Jo Martin as she delves into her experiences with the Phoenix Suns, Shaquille O’Neal, and other public figures, and shares her unique insights on expanding and humanizing your personal or corporate brand. Be ready to break free from assumptions and conventional wisdom as you explore the power of social media, the art of connecting authentically with others, and the secret to leveraging digital audiences. Unveil the passion, skills and purpose behind the renegade mind-set and see how it intersects with the ever-evolving realm of digital communication.

Revolutionizing the Digital Age

Social media has transformed the way businesses, organizations, celebrities, and charities operate. Amy Jo Martin’s experience as the social media professional for the Phoenix Suns, where she adopted a “renegade mind-set,” provides a blueprint for those seeking to embrace social media. In Martin’s view, it is important to discard assumptions and tap into an inner renegade to reap the full benefits of social media. Social media has given individuals power, allowing them to become the media in the digital age. Martin’s innovative approach assisted players in building their digital brands and embracing social media early on. With her expertise, Shaquille O’Neal was able to become a pioneer on Twitter in 2008. To fully leverage social media, businesses need to create a robust social media strategy.

Social Media: The Power of Brand Building

With its vast reach, social media is the perfect outlet for building your brand. Unlike traditional marketing and PR, social media provides connections and collaborations that engage audiences and allow them to own the marketplace. By using social media crowdsourcing, companies can listen to their online constituents and address their needs. Moreover, social media is a cost-effective alternative to traditional media, providing broader audiences at a lesser cost. The author, Martin presents her eight basic rules for using social media, including the importance of personal branding, confidence, and conduct. With social media, businesses can transform their marketing approach, from monologue-based solutions to collaborative ventures that involve customers and owners alike.

How Shaq Retired Twitter

In 2011, Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement announcement on Twitter became the world’s top trending topic within minutes. This highlighted the power of social media as a valuable tool for athletes to reach a broader audience and increase their earning potential. The online universe is a level playing field where anyone can become the media and reach a vast audience. The key to success is to focus on social interaction and engagement rather than just pushing content. Shaq still maintains a strong social media presence to this day, emphasizing the importance of online presence in today’s digital age.

Social Media: Authentic Connection

Social media is about genuine human interaction online. This simple concept can pose a challenge for some, such as Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL. Goodell’s initial involvement in social media was superficial, with NFL staffers handling his Twitter account, rendering him inauthentic. When faced with a lockout, he retreated from social media, sending a message to followers that he didn’t care. Effective social media communication is two-way, a dialogue that builds trust and humanizes organizations. For companies, the top question is not “What is your brand?” but “Who is your brand?” Revealing personalities online fosters strong, trusting bonds with followers.

The Power of Personal Branding

Tiger Woods, a renowned golf superstar, seemed to have everything until a sex scandal rocked his world in 2009. Before that time, Woods focused solely on his golf game, giving little thought to building a personal brand that connected with his audience. This scandal brought to light the importance of expanding one’s business strategy by revealing who they are, what they stand for, and why they do what they do. People don’t buy a product simply for its quality; they buy it for the company’s higher motivations and intentions. To succeed in the marketplace, businesses must be transparent about their brand identity, whether online or offline. By showing the humanity behind a brand, companies can connect with their audience on a deeper level and foster brand loyalty. In a world where social media reigns supreme, those who fail to understand the importance of personal branding will continue to be left in the dark.

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