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Summary of: Rich Like Them: My Door-to-Door Search for the Secrets of Wealth in America’s Richest Neighborhoods
By: Ryan D’Agostino


In ‘Rich Like Them,’ Ryan D’Agostino takes us on a door-to-door journey, exploring America’s wealthiest neighborhoods to learn the secrets behind their residents’ success. From innovative thinking to hard work and perseverance, the struggles and achievements of these wealthy individuals offer valuable insights for anyone seeking to follow similar paths. The book delves into five types of successful people: The Visionary, The ‘Lucky’ One, The Worker Bee, The Connector, and The Renegade, sharing stories that demonstrate how they combine passion, creativity, risk-taking, and determination to create their fortunes. With practical tips and a constant reminder to stay humble, this book equips readers with the motivation and knowledge needed to turn everyday opportunities into incredible success stories.

Wealth Wisdom

Learn how 50 wealthy individuals from America’s most affluent neighborhoods strategized their way to success from knocking on their doors.

According to a group of wealthy individuals in some of America’s most expensive zip codes, investment strategies and savings plans are not always the only way to become rich. Knocking on about 500 doors in the 100 wealthiest ZIP codes of the United States yielded more personalized information that is worthwhile for anyone hoping to become rich. Out of the 500 doors, 50 of them opened and shared their stories about how they became wealthy. Their stories and insights varied, but most shared one thing in common- they worked hard to earn their fortunes. They fall into five categories; “The Visionary,” who came up with a new and fabulous idea, “The ‘Lucky’ One,” who toiled for years before striking gold, “The Worker Bee,” who worked longer and harder than anyone else, “The Connector,” who listened to every pitch because “you never know” what might come of it, and “The Renegade,” the risk-taker who forged an independent path. Although door-to-door information didn’t produce textbook data on selecting mutual funds or arranging business financing, it delivered an array of real-life vivid stories that shed light on how to handle essential decisions, recover from mistakes, structure daily lives, and decide what to save and what to spend.

Unlocking Creativity and Achieving Success

Innovative thinking is not an inborn talent but a skill that requires attention, practice, and perseverance. The ability to connect the dots and produce novel ideas demands the constant presence of a goal in one’s mind. To generate groundbreaking ideas, one must constantly gather impressions, ask reflective questions, and observe their surroundings. Social capital is also crucial, and relationships can be leveraged to achieve success. However, while taking risks is necessary, one must also be smart and place profits in the bank for security. Investing in good ideas and projects while exercising caution increases the chances of success.

Success Tips from the Wise

This book summary reveals the secrets of successful individuals who turned their challenges into opportunities through their patience, focus, and perseverance. The author emphasizes the importance of hard work, humility, and wise financial decisions in achieving personal and professional goals.

The book offers valuable insights into the lives of successful people from various backgrounds, highlighting their approaches to success and the critical traits that helped them overcome obstacles. The author begins by debunking the myth of luck, emphasizing that hard work and persistent effort are key to achieving one’s desired outcomes. He cites baseball star Derek Jeter’s rigorous daily training and practice routines as an example of how diligent effort can lead to incredible success and often make it seem like luck.

The book then moves on to showcase how patience and wise financial decisions can secure one’s financial future. An anonymous former CEO who owns a waterfront home worth millions in Connecticut advises readers to be patient, save money, and avoid cashing out too early. He stresses the significance of compounding and cherishing the value of happiness for living a fulfilling life.

Moreover, the author outlines the significance of staying focused, taking calculated risks, and continuing to persevere in the face of adversity. The story of Scott Zdanis, whose company faced a major setback when its largest client withdrew, demonstrates the importance of resilience and adapting to new situations. Zdanis faced litigation and won, but his client still could not pay him, leaving his young firm in a precarious position. Despite the challenge, Zdanis refused to give up, making the necessary adjustments to survive without the cancelled order and hiring top lawyers to safeguard his firm from future risks.

The book concludes by emphasizing the value of humility and developing sound business habits. It advises aspiring entrepreneurs to remain committed to their goals, avoid changing their intentions or abandoning their mission without a good reason, and always stay true to their ethical principles. Additionally, it highlights the importance of making wise financial choices, like Mimi Johnson, who learned from her father’s spending rule of earning two or three dollars before spending a dollar.

Overall, this book provides critical perspectives on success and serves as a useful guide for people striving to achieve their goals. It emphasizes hard work, perseverance, and the importance of making sound financial decisions, staying resilient, and staying true to oneself.

Obsession: The Key to Financial Success

The path to financial success requires more than love for your work. Combining passion with obsession can be the recipe for achieving success in any field. The laser focus that obsession brings drives you to work hard and pursue your goal on all levels. This enthusiasm makes obsession easier and motivates you to become the best in your field or promote yourself so much that everyone thinks you’re the best. Success also requires patience, and lucky people are often patient. Don’t just do it for the money; enjoy making the deal, negotiating and doing the work itself, and the money will come. Immerse yourself in whatever you do, do it well, and good things will follow.

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