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Summary of: Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles
By: Barbara Stanny


Welcome to the world of ‘Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles’, where author Barbara Stanny empowers women to create wealth and confidently wield financial power. This summary explores the historical perspectives of women in society and the workplace, and their evolving roles as wealth generators. It also showcases the four core principles of ‘Sacred Success’ and how to achieve financial stability and well-being. Learn about various investment asset classes and the importance of risk-taking, diversification, and engaging with financial professionals. As you delve into this insightful summary, you’ll discover the true meaning of greatness, the significance of answering one’s ‘call’, and the necessity of self-reflection and disciplined action for achieving goals.

Women and the Power of Wealth

Women have made great strides in controlling personal wealth, yet most are not taught how to manage money. Women use power as a means to an end, making them different from men who desire power as the ultimate goal. Having money enables women to make a difference and meet the goal of the “Feminine Face of Power.”

Four Principles of Sacred Success

Achieving financial stability, maintaining integrity, taking responsibility for your actions, and choosing love instead of fear are the four core principles of Sacred Success. Being financially stable requires following a repayment plan, cutting up credit cards, and saving for emergencies. Your words and actions should match to build a solid financial foundation. Taking responsibility for your actions empowers you, while blaming others takes away your power. Finally, choose to embrace love instead of fear, which is false power. The soul promotes true power and allows you to soar despite failures.

Building Wealth for Sacred Success

To achieve financial stability, one must follow a sequence of steps, starting with “survival” and progressing to “stability” and “affluence.” Once stable, building wealth requires following the “four rules of money”: spend less, save more, make wise investments, and give generously. To make money work for you, you can invest in five asset classes: stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, and commodities. Building wealth means taking calculated risks and diversifying investments to minimize risk. To attain sacred success, one must reclaim their power and proceed through four stages.

Heeding Your Inner Call

Every woman’s inner call manifests differently, but it always signals that it’s time to find your true purpose. When you ignore your call, your soul will remain unsatisfied, and greatness will elude you. Ignoring fear and ego is crucial to achieving greatness, which means living your truth and sharing your gifts with the world. Financial stability is necessary to reduce any distractions that might prevent you from answering your call. To heed your inner call, you must take four actions: Firstly, ask yourself, “What do I really want?” Secondly, understand the fundamental laws that govern our reality. Thirdly, take responsibility for your power and don’t give it away through mismanagement or blame-shifting. Fourthly, pay attention to yourself as though you were an outside observer. By following these steps, you can answer your inner call and find your purpose in life.

Uncovering the Power of Surrender

Successful women who have undergone crises experience moments of slowing down, reflection, and self-evaluation before making a breakthrough. Receptive surrender in moments of stillness is vital in realizing one’s goals. However, surrender is often underrated in western society, which places high value on constant motion and activity. To connect with one’s soul and find clarity, Suzy Carroll, a nutrition store owner, works from home one day a week and meditates for ten minutes daily. Surrender requires asking questions about oneself without judgment to clarify one’s purpose. The law of ownership emphasizes the need to embrace everything that defines one’s self, including finances, to accept the goals they seek.

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