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Summary of: Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results: Secrets for Communicating Attention and Getting Results
By: Suzanne Bates


In ‘Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results’, Suzanne Bates sheds light on the importance of effective communication in a leadership role. The book emphasizes that while speaking well is crucial for any leader, it takes practice and conscious effort to develop strong communication skills. You will explore the essential traits of credible leaders, including honesty, vision, approachability, and emotional intelligence, which are all attainable through persistent practice. Dive into the key secrets to giving impactful speeches, making presentations, handling the challenges of question-and-answer sessions, and organizing productive meetings.

Mastering the Art of Communication

As a leader, the ability to communicate is crucial, yet very few are good at it. A study found that 61% of professionals believed their bosses were poor communicators. However, 90% agreed that it’s an essential part of leadership. When leaders fail to communicate effectively, employees become disheartened and seek information elsewhere. The book emphasizes that communication skills can be mastered, but it requires an individual to analyze their current speaking ability before improving it.

Traits of Credible and Authentic Leaders

Credible leaders possess several vital qualities such as honesty, vision, approachability, generosity, emotional intelligence, clarity, knowledge, skill, and responsibility. These traits are developed over time through consistent practice and keeping oneself accountable for their actions. Authenticity is the key to making a connection with people. Sharing personal information, life experiences, and values demonstrates confidence and consistency, while inconsistency can lead to a loss of credibility. The higher one climbs, the more critical effective communication becomes. Therefore, developing a unique voice and personality is crucial to becoming a credible and authentic leader.

Secrets to Delivering Powerful Speeches

To deliver a powerful speech, focus on a big idea, stay topical, stay focused, be honest and sincere, overcome problems, look to the future, show your human foibles, and have a mission. According to the author, executives must also master the art of making presentations that educate or sell a product.

Mastering Speech Writing

Convey your message with humor, anecdotes, and a flawless outline. The best stories are those that add an element of conflict and reality to your speech. Keep a file of observations and anecdotes for future use.

If you’re tasked with writing a speech, begin by establishing your message. Once you have that, create a concise outline, using no more than three supporting points. To keep your audience engaged, infuse humor, interesting facts and anecdotes. Using stories is an excellent way to begin, transition, and end your speech, adding suspense and humor. To make your stories impactful, use original accounts with an element of conflict and sufficient detail to make them believable and authentic. Lastly, maintain a file of observations and anecdotes you encounter in daily life, as they can be useful in future speeches.

Engage your Audience

Create an engaging presentation by involving your audience and focusing on their needs with a conversational style and an audience agenda system. Define your topic, what your audience should learn and do. Understand why they are there, find common ground and defer to them if necessary. Limit the use of visual aids and prioritize your message.

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