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Summary of: Speaker, Leader, Champion: Succeed at Work Through the Power of Public Speaking, featuring the prize-winning speeches of Toastmasters World Champions
By: Jeremey Donovan


Public speaking is an essential key to success in a wide range of career fields. In ‘Speaker, Leader, Champion,’ Jeremey Donovan and Ryan Avery provide readers with valuable insights on how to excel in this vital skill. Discover how to create a captivating speech, maintain focus and hone in on the most compelling message, connect with your audience, and work with experienced coaches to continuously improve. This summary will walk you through the main points of the book, taking a deeper dive into the world of public speaking and providing you with actionable strategies and techniques for mastering this essential skill.

Public Speaking: A Critical Career Skill

Public speaking is a crucial skill that can elevate your career prospects, from acing job interviews to impressing your bosses. Employers prioritize candidates who excel in clear communication and presentation skills, according to a survey of over 240 employers. Those who stand out with these skills are more likely to get promoted. In this book, the authors share their experiences on how public speaking helped them achieve success in different career paths. Learning how to deliver a confident, articulate, and persuasive speech can make you stand out as a highly respected professional, regardless of your industry.

Improving Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is a necessary skill that can be improved over time with practice and feedback. It involves more than just delivering accurate information; eye contact, posture, voice projection, humour, and proper speech structure are essential components. Improving public speaking skills can increase self-confidence and help to understand how audiences perceive the speaker. Ryan Avery, a former introvert, became a world champion in public speaking after using feedback to improve his skills. Feedback can come in various forms, including positive feedback, which is just as valuable.

Secrets of Crafting a Captivating Speech

Crafting a great speech can be intimidating, but it all starts with choosing the right topic. To create content that interests your audience while genuinely engaging yourself, you should consider who your audience is and what topics speak to you personally.

Rather than being an expert speaker, be an expert who speaks. Ensure you are knowledgeable on your topic, but more importantly, have a deep passion for it. For instance, Nelson Mandela’s speeches on a free and democratic South Africa resonated deeply with his audience because of his unwavering passion for the subject. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, was an excellent speaker because he infused his love for technology into his speeches.

Choosing a topic that inspires you gives you the motivation and drive to deliver your speech with energy and conviction. For example, if your audience is your family at Christmas, the topic of love or the value of a close-knit family would be more personal and inspiring than a business strategy.

Remember, the topic is the foundation of your speech, so choose wisely and ensure it’s meaningful to both you and your audience.

Finding Your Focus

In public speaking, focusing on one core message is crucial to keeping the audience engaged. Many speakers lose their audience’s attention by offering too much irrelevant information. The key to a great speech is to streamline your message and avoid distractions. Successful speakers can condense their core messages into ten words or fewer. A catchy and impactful message will leave a lasting impression on the audience and can change the way they think about life, as seen in Craig Valentine’s “Your dreams are not for sale” speech. So, to be the one your audience remembers years later, focus on delivering one strong and concise message.

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