Start Something That Matters | Blake Mycoskie

Summary of: Start Something That Matters
By: Blake Mycoskie


In ‘Start Something That Matters,’ author Blake Mycoskie takes us on a journey of overcoming fear, embracing simplicity, and harnessing the power of storytelling to create an inspiring and successful venture. From his own experience with TOMS, we learn that new businesses can turn limitations into opportunities and create meaningful, purpose-driven organizations. This book summary will provide insight into Mycoskie’s approach to tackling fear, the importance of simplicity, leveraging limited resources, and the role of storytelling in building successful enterprises.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a natural emotion that arises when we face unfamiliar situations. However, it can prevent us from pursuing our goals and living our lives to the fullest. Many people are afraid to talk openly about their fears because they feel ashamed or embarrassed, but this can be counterproductive. If we don’t acknowledge and confront our fears, they can limit us and cause us to miss out on life-changing opportunities. For instance, a fear of job interviews could prevent us from advancing our careers, while a fear of air travel could deprive us of exciting travel experiences. Instead of holding on to our fears, we must learn to combat them actively. In doing so, we will realize that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Conquering Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion, but it’s important to face it head-on. Most fears seem minor once confronted. To prepare, make a list of fears and the worst-case scenarios. This strategy helped the author overcome his fears and start his own business. By facing fear, we gain new skills and experiences, which makes conquering it worth the effort.

Overcoming the Fear of Starting a Business

Starting a business can be scary, but the fear of the unknown shouldn’t hold you back. No one can predict the future, and waiting for the perfect time will only delay progress. By learning from successful entrepreneurs, setting goals, and surrounding yourself with supportive people, you can overcome your fears and achieve success.

The Power of Simplicity

In this book, we learn that simplicity is key to success. Complexity does not always equal brilliance, and the most popular designs, like Apple products, tend to be incredibly simple. The same principle applies to strategy and business models. In-N-Out Burger in the United States is extremely popular because it focuses on making the best possible burgers for its customers and ignores fancy décor and complicated menus. Keeping things simple on a daily basis can improve work routine and lead to better end products. This means concentrating on the few things that really matter and ignoring everything else. By letting irrelevant small issues happen, it’s easier to stay motivated to achieve important goals. The motto is to keep it simple and prioritize what’s really important.

Success in Simplicity

Successful businesses don’t need to have unlimited resources. The author of TOMS shoes, a philanthropic organization, proves that it is possible to thrive with minimal resources and a creative mindset. He initially did not have enough money to buy business cards, so he creatively scribbled his information on used business cards. This approach impressed potential investors and business partners, demonstrating his economic and committed ideals. It’s essential to leverage the abundance of free online tools, such as blogging, social media promotion, and file-sharing services to cut costs and boost productivity levels. The takeaway is that limited resources can become opportunities to construct successful business models that focus on simplicity.

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