Supermaker | Jaime Schmidt

Summary of: Supermaker: Crafting Business on Your Own Terms
By: Jaime Schmidt


Embark on an inspiring entrepreneurial journey through Jaime Schmidt’s ‘Supermaker: Crafting Business on Your Own Terms.’ As the founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, she shares her personal saga of transforming her passion for creative entrepreneurship into a thriving, multimillion-dollar business. Delve into the vital themes of embracing vulnerability, building strong customer relations, and staying committed to product quality. Learn from Schmidt’s experiences and insights as she openly recounts the challenges she faced, lessons learned, and ultimately, her extraordinary success.

Jaime Schmidt’s Entrepreneurial Tale

Jaime Schmidt, founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, shares her personal and business journey while inspiring independent entrepreneurs, spare them the hardships she faced, and encourage them to help others. Schmidt’s business advice is secondary to her personal story that captivates readers in a relatable, inspiring tone. Her success story inspired individuals, including Paul Polman, the former CEO of Unilever, who describes her journey as one for the ages. Those interested in entrepreneurship can benefit from the book, along with Mind Your Business by Ilana Griffo and Ken Colwell’s Starting a Business QuickStart Guide.

From DIY Shampoo to Online Success

Schmidt’s passion for DIY skincare products led her to create a successful online business and community. Starting with recipes from books, she eventually developed her designs and entered Portland’s Maker Movement. Schmidt sold her products at local stores, street fairs, and farmers’ markets and created a Facebook community to share her love of homemade skincare. Her success continued with an Etsy store, where she even sent handwritten notes with each order.

Building a Personal Brand in Entrepreneurship

As described in the book, the founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, Jaime Schmidt, prioritized product quality over social media or sales. She updated packaging, built relationships, and prioritized customer feedback. Schmidt also advises entrepreneurs to barter with graphic designers and stay conscious of legal issues. She established virtual and real-world communities. Building a personal brand created trust, leading to more opportunities.

Building a Successful Business

In her book, Schmidt shares valuable insights on building a successful business, using her own experience as an example. She emphasizes the importance of rebranding and focusing on a specific product, as she did with deodorant. Schmidt also reveals her approach to networking and gaining retail accounts. However, her success was challenged when her unique container design was copied by competitors, prompting her to trademark her brand name, logo and design. Overall, Schmidt’s advice stresses the significance of protecting one’s intellectual property and building a solid brand reputation.

The Trials and Triumphs of Starting a Business

In this book, the author chronicles her journey of starting a natural deodorant business. She shares some tough lessons she learned along the way, such as the importance of scientific veracity in product claims. She also withdrew from a retailer due to their discriminatory views and decided not to sell in a market that required animal testing. However, by the end of 2013, her business boomed, making $132,000 in sales, increasing the number of scents, and hiring more people. Her products even became bestsellers at Whole Foods. Her husband helped her increase online sales, which eventually led to her deodorant being sold in Target and Walmart by the end of 2016. The journey was not easy, but the author’s perseverance paid off in the end.

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