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Summary of: Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People (The High Performance Series)
By: Mark Miller


In Talent Magnet, author Mark Miller explores the importance of attracting the best talent to your company and the strategies to succeed in doing so. This book summary focuses on CEO Blake Brown’s journey to transform his struggling company into a talent magnet. Along the way, we get to understand the key qualities that top talent seeks in employers, as well as the unique challenges and advantages of hiring high quality personnel. Dive into the insights and anecdotes demonstrating the critical nature of having a talented workforce and discover the strategies your company can adopt to attract and retain top talents.

The World Needs Good Players

When the HR department informed CEO Blake Brown that the company was losing top-quality employees, he commissioned a team to study what job prospects seek from their potential employers. Meanwhile, Brown’s son Clint, along with his friends, looked for summer jobs to earn money to pay for a well in a village in Africa. They learned about the village’s water crisis after a young girl died from drinking contaminated water. In the end, their successful job hunt and Brown’s team’s research boiled down to one thing: the importance of hiring and retaining great staff to achieve business and societal goals.

Unveiling the Power of Top Talents

Employing top talents guarantees your company’s success. These individuals possess unique traits that enable them to handle complex tasks, generate exceptional results, and represent your brand in the best possible way. Their desire to fuel growth, build your company’s future, and raise the energy level of the entire workforce makes them indispensable. When top talents find the right company culture, supportive bosses, professional growth opportunities, and a shared mission, they become unstoppable, producing remarkable results that fuel your company’s success. Hiring and nurturing top talents can help your company reach unprecedented heights.

Attracting Top Talent

Brown, the CEO, and Jones, the head of HR, collaboratively tasked the HR department with creating a plan to attract and retain top talent. This involved interviewing the company’s top-performing employees and other less accomplished personnel. A survey was developed to extend the research to other firms. Other executives shared their companies’ recruitment approaches, ranging from quickly hiring and firing people to polishing promising candidates to achieve greatness. Brown and Jones eventually realized that neither approach was suitable for their company. They set out to create a unique approach to draw in top talent that would befit the firm’s size and values. In their quest to make the company the core of a talent magnet, Brown and Jones left no stone unturned.

Choosing the Right Job

Clint and his friends embark on a job search, but initially get discouraged with their experiences. Olivia was ignored by a rude manager, Tyler encountered a grumpy one who admits to being a jerk, while Clint walked away from a surly restaurant manager. Alex, on the other hand, had a more positive experience at a coffee shop where the manager was kind. The group agreed that they didn’t have to take bad jobs, and as school valedictorians-in-the-making, they should be able to set their terms. Tyler couldn’t handle the grumpy manager, while Alex took the coffee shop job that was in line with his values. Clint landed a job with a company whose owner, Julie, was impressive, and whose core values aligned with Clint’s.

The Demands of Top Job Candidates

Jones’s HR team discovered that the most talented job prospects expect the basics that all potential employees require, but also want solid company brands, good reputations, and even more. Competitive salaries, interesting work, proper training, safe working environments, the right equipment, tools, and other resources, positive corporate cultures, and considerate, respectful treatment are the standard requirements. Top candidates seek more than just the basics, and these defining characteristics are essential to securing these qualified prospects. While important to top candidates, they are also significant to the average job applicant.

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