The Art of Social Media | Guy Kawasaki

Summary of: The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users
By: Guy Kawasaki


Welcome to the exciting world of social media, where you make connections, boost your brand, and create a positive buzz around yourself! The Art of Social Media, by Guy Kawasaki, is a gold mine of tips and tricks to help you establish a strong online presence. In this summary, we cover essential topics such as selecting the perfect screen name, profile picture, discovering what your audience loves, and leveraging the power of blogs. Furthermore, we delve into emerging social media trends of Google+ Hangout on Air and Twitter Chats. So buckle up and get ready to become a social media maestro!

Mastering Social Media: The Importance of Profile Pictures and Screen Names

Social media users are judged based on their profile picture and screen name. Therefore, it is crucial to choose them wisely. Screen names should be simple, logical, and memorable. Using your own name is the best option since it’s easy to remember. A vanity URL is also essential as it makes your profile stand out and easy to identify. When choosing a profile picture, make sure it’s professionally taken and shows your face clearly. The picture should also convey likability, trustworthiness, and competence. Be careful when picking a screen name as a name that’s funny today may be embarrassing in the future. Ensuring that your profile picture and screen name represent you well will help you establish a solid online presence.

Tips for Attracting Followers

If you want to gain a wider audience, start by providing content that your audience will enjoy sharing. Take time to research what topics they’re interested in and stay up to date with trending content. When creating original content, focus on creating posts that are short and engaging. Adding visuals such as photos and videos can greatly enhance your post’s appeal and increase views. Additionally, including a catchy title that uses phrases like “how to” or “top 10” can be especially effective in capturing followers’ attention. While it’s ok to turn to other content providers for stimulation, it’s important to develop unique content to keep your account fresh and engaging.

Amplify Your Reach: Combining Blogging and Social Media

The Internet offers two powerful tools to reach fans- social media and blogging. Though both can be effective separately, combining them creates a far greater impact. To connect your blog to social media, promote it on your profile, add sharing buttons, and embed social media posts in your blog. The reverse also works by promoting your social media profile on your blog, allowing social media logins, and creating a mailing list. Joining a blogging network can also help boost readership exponentially. Use these tactics to amplify your reach and connect with millions of people!

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