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Summary of: The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!
By: Warren Greshes


Welcome to the journey towards sales success through the summary of ‘The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!’ by Warren Greshes. This comprehensive guide contains not just a magic formula, but actionable advice on how to unlock your sales potential with motivation, goal-setting, and unwavering dedication towards your clients and profession. Some key themes include the pivotal role of great attitudes, planning, practicing your sales pitch, and delivering extraordinary value to clients. Embrace these rock-solid rules and strategies that will redefine your sales approach, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced sales professional.

Mastering Sales: 16 Rock-Solid Rules

In sales, 10% of people stand out, while 80% are average, and 10% are terrible. What sets the top 10% apart is their motivation and ability to handle rejection. The book offers a guide to success, including self-motivation, creating a five-year plan, breaking it down into actionable steps, and achieving goals. The 16 rock-solid rules are not a magic formula but provide a framework for successful salesmanship.

Winning Attitudes

A positive attitude and commitment to clients are as important as sales skills according to Warren Greshes. With the example of an airport car service owned by Wayne Thorpe, the author shows that clients want to associate with winners who go above and beyond. This means that by doing more than the minimum and providing a hassle-free experience, one can stand out from the competition and gain long-term loyalty. Sales skills can be learned, but a positive attitude and commitment are critical to success in sales.

Creating a Vision for Sales Success

Successful salespeople not only possess a winning attitude but also create a vision for themselves, clients, and potential customers. Goal-setting and a focused plan establish career direction and eliminate excuses, procrastination, whining, and complaining. The 21st century demands sales personnel to be better than computers, emphasizing the need for a clear vision of success.

The Art of Selling

Salespeople who don’t prejudge, assume, or minimize can enjoy the best job in which they work for themselves even while working for someone else. Peter Rosengaard’s Guinness World Records’ achievement in 1990 exemplifies the potential of success for those in the sales profession. Through persistence and an understanding of his client’s needs, he sold the largest insurance policy of $100 million to MCA, ultimately benefiting David Geffen’s assets. Rejection and obstacles did not deter Rosengaard because he knew how to communicate his ideas effectively to seal the deal.

Mastering Sales with Strategic Goals

Goal-oriented individuals make successful salespeople. Selling can be harsh, and only the top-tier salespeople can handle rejection. To achieve success in sales, one should understand their goals and how their work contributes to attaining them. This helps them work with purpose, knowing that every sale promotes their objectives.

Attaining Goals in Sales

Successful salespeople have a strong sense of motivation that stems from identifying their goals and working hard to achieve them. According to the author, effective salespeople should treat every inquiry as a potential $50,000 client. To ensure success, goals must be specific, have a deadline, and not be set too low. Writing down your goals is the first step in committing to going out and accomplishing them. Effective written goals allow for visualization and make you accountable to yourself. By writing down your goals, you cannot deny or ignore them. Successful salespeople work hard and don’t let anything stand in their way.

Take Control of Your Success

The key to success is taking control of your life, career, and destiny. Successful salespeople understand this concept and work hard to surpass their own self-imposed limitations. Just like making a shopping list saves time and money, creating a list of ingredients for success can prevent wasting time on unproductive activities. You are in control of your energy and should use it wisely. Plan for your future by creating a five-year timeline and listing significant accomplishments you wish to achieve. Take control of your success today.

The Secret to Successful Sales

Successful salespeople practice and prepare, including scripting their sales pitch for better results. Practicing until it becomes second nature allows for better communication and focus on listening to the customer. Planning involves creating a focused direction towards achieving desired outcomes.

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