The Bully at Work | Gary Namie

Summary of: The Bully at Work: What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job
By: Gary Namie


Are you ready for an insightful journey into the various facets of workplace bullying and strategies to effectively combat it? The book summary of ‘The Bully at Work’ by Gary Namie provides valuable insights into recognizing different types of bullies and their tactics, such as the constant critic, the two-headed snake, the gatekeeper, and the screaming mimi. Moreover, it helps you understand key principles and methods to minimize the bullies’ impact on your professional life and well-being. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining your dignity and self-respect, the summary equips you with the tools to deal with challenging situations and foster a healthier work environment.

Handling Workplace Bullies

Workplace bullies often employ different tactics, and it is essential to identify and respond to each one. While some bullies stick to a particular approach, others vary their tactics based on their mood. The book stresses the importance of understanding these tactics and how to deal with them effectively. By recognizing and responding to each trick, employees can protect themselves and build a more positive and productive work environment. This book is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to handle workplace bullying.

Dealing with a Constant Critic

This excerpt from the book discusses a bully who constantly criticizes their target. The bully uses insults, put-downs, and name-calling to destroy their target’s self-confidence. They also use memos and e-mails to bury their target in correspondence. The author recommends dealing with the constant critic by using humor and silently affirming your control and dignity. Another tactic is to get a second opinion to determine if any of the critic’s comments are accurate or just meaningless complaints. Sacrificing your health and well-being for a paycheck is not worth it when dealing with a constant critic.

Beware of Workplace Snakes

The book warns about three types of passive-aggressive bullies in the workplace: the “Backstabber,” the “Jekyll and Hyde” type, and the “No Problem, Don’t Bother” Snake. These people pretend to be your friend but secretly undermine and hurt you. The author encourages targets to unite and find ways to solve the problem without confronting the bully alone. The book also highlights the importance of good employers who eliminate bullies, while bad employers promote them.

Dealing with Gatekeepers

This book explains how gatekeepers control their targets by controlling resources and excluding them from communication, making it difficult to file complaints against the bullies. The author emphasizes that dealing with gatekeepers requires a one-to-one meeting where you state your issues simply, calmly, and honestly without making the gatekeeper feel defensive. If the gatekeeper refuses to meet, the suggestion is to ask a colleague with better rapport to initiate the conversation. The book highlights workplace bullying as a daily occurrence for many and the importance of addressing gatekeepers to bring about change.

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