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Summary of: The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain
By: Victor Prince


Embark on a journey to discover invaluable leadership lessons from an ancient pilgrimage route with the summary of Victor Prince’s book, ‘The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain.’ This narrative explores the remarkable transformation experienced by the author as he undertakes the arduous trek along El Camino de Santiago. Prince articulates the universal relevance of six key elements that characterized his journey and presents actionable advice drawn from his experiences. Dive into this fascinating summary to uncover seven reminders inscribed on the pilgrim’s passport and learn how you can apply these insights to your own leadership journey, both at work and in life.

Walking the Camino

The El Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route to the tomb of Saint James, attracting pilgrims from all walks of life. Victor Prince, author and former US government official, walked the Camino in 2013 and found it to be a transformative experience. The Camino has a rich history, dating back to the year 950 AD, and has been the subject of the first “travel guide,” a collection of documentation about St. James’s miracles. Prince, who had set goals to become president of the United States and to travel the world, found the Camino trail to be an ideal sabbatical that offered solitude and socialization. His journey became a career game changer, giving him insights into leadership and the value of time.

Transformative Elements of Adventure

The transformative elements of the Camino trek can be applied to anyone seeking personal growth, even if they’re not hiking. These elements include alone time for self-reflection, easy interactions with strangers, shared challenges for camaraderie, a clear path, a meaningful achievement for self-confidence, and a transcendent experience for inspiration. By pursuing adventures that tap into shared interests or joining group trips, people can disconnect from the demands of daily life and gain a new perspective, leading to personal growth and self-belief. Useful resources like guidebooks and websites can ensure well-organized and meaningful experiences.

Lessons from the Camino

Prince’s “pilgrim’s passport” serves as a guidebook for leadership lessons. The seven reminders imprinted on the back of the passport inspire Prince’s actionable Camino Leadership Lessons. The passport enabled Prince to journey through low-cost albergues (hostels) and marked his journey with stamps. The seven reminders are 1) You make the path by walking it, 2) The way always goes on, 3) Be here, now, 4) Welcome each day – its gifts, and its challenges, 5) The first shall be last, and the last shall be first, 6) Choose what you carry, and 7) Keep your destination in mind, but pay attention to where you are.

Attaining Goals One Step at a Time

To achieve daunting goals, break them into smaller, achievable tasks and celebrate each accomplishment. Recognize the importance of small pleasures to stay motivated and focused. Keeping challenges in perspective can minimize stress.

The thought of achieving big goals can seem daunting; however, breaking them into smaller, attainable tasks makes the journey more manageable. Begin each day with a reasonable goal, such as the number of hours you’ll work or a single task you can accomplish. It’s also crucial to identify moments when you should insert more time to experience the happenings around your project.

Small pleasures can be a great source of motivation and keep pilgrims on track. Celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how insignificant it may seem. For example, Prince celebrated each daily hike before breakfast with a cup of coffee, making it a small but meaningful consideration. At work, meet your morning goals and treat yourself to breakfast as a reward. Lunch can become your midday deadline, and whenever you reach your goals, celebrate and enjoy things outside of your job.

In pursuing any goal, there comes a time when tough decisions and challenges need to be addressed. Keep them in perspective to minimize pressure and stress. On a bad day, it’s essential to remember that you were once ecstatic to get your job and be grateful to have it. Finally, give yourself one clear goal that you can check off each day to make progress toward your larger journey.

The Camino’s Leadership Lessons

The Camino de Santiago, a trail in Spain, has taught many leadership lessons, especially that of greeting people in a meaningful way. Prince, a pilgrim, learned to be accessible and welcoming. He also understood the value of receiving help from others. Strong leaders are not afraid to accept aid from their teams and act on advice given to them while expressing gratitude.

Camino Lessons

The author shares insights from his hike along the Camino, including the benefits of a “no distractions policy” to stay focused, the importance of looking up and experiencing the journey, and tips for controlling your calendar and making the most of free time.

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