The Culture Engine | S. Chris Edmonds

Summary of: The Culture Engine: A Framework for Driving Results, Inspiring Your Employees, and Transforming Your Workplace
By: S. Chris Edmonds


Are you interested in revolutionizing your work culture and transforming your business? ‘The Culture Engine’ by S. Chris Edmonds serves as a guide on how to create a thriving organizational culture by crafting an organizational constitution. An organizational constitution outlines the core principles, goals, performance targets, and interpersonal standards that govern your company. The book explores the impact of a well-defined organizational culture on employee engagement, productivity, and workplace satisfaction, using real-life examples like Zappos, an online shoe store known for its strong company culture.

Crafting a Winning Company Culture

Crafting and implementing an organizational constitution can help revolutionize your work culture and transform your business. An organizational constitution is a formal document that outlines the guiding principles and standards of your company or team. By laying out specific rights for employees and standards to adhere to, your team can navigate ambiguous situations and govern behavior. An organizational constitution not only answers important questions about company goals and performance targets but also helps create a positive and engaging work culture. This culture, in turn, has a significant impact on company success. A company’s culture owes a lot to its constitution, as it creates a safe and respectful environment that fosters employee engagement, resulting in increased productivity, lower turnover, and improved customer satisfaction. By intentionally defining the culture you want to create for your company, you can establish a consistent and productive work environment. The organizational constitution can act as a roadmap to guide everyone in the organization, from new hires to long-term employees, towards shared goals, values, and behaviors. With time and dedication, the organizational constitution can help build a great culture in your company.

Living by Your Organizational Constitution

To establish and nurture a revolutionary organizational culture like Zappos, design an organizational constitution and set the values you desire to hold. As a leader, your behavior greatly influences your team’s cultural shift. It’s essential to form a personal constitution, including four values and corresponding behaviors. To develop your personal constitution, start with your purpose. Determine clear and measurable behaviors for every value. Aligning your personal constitution with your leadership philosophy is critical to inspire and motivate your workforce. Living according to your organizational constitution is key to change the culture, and as a leader, you must exemplify these values and behaviors to guide your team in the right direction.

Writing Your Organizational Constitution

Learn how to write a captivating purpose statement, define your company’s values, and assign corresponding behaviors that will make them a reality.

Creating a personal constitution can influence positive change in your life, and the same principles apply to an organization. To write your organizational constitution, start with a captivating purpose statement that explains what your company does, for whom and why. Avoid making the mistake of saying that the only purpose of your organization is to make money or merely describing the products or services you offer. The purpose statement needs to be memorable, inspiring, and an important factor in the longevity of the company.

Once you have a purpose statement, proceed to define your company’s values. Choose them as specifically as possible and assign corresponding behaviors that will manifest them. For example, if your values are excellence and respect, your corresponding behaviors could be embracing feedback and understanding everything about your business for excellence, and carefully choosing your words and encouraging employees to give honest praise for respect.

However, it is crucial not to get overzealous and limit your list to between three and five values and respective behaviors. Writing your organizational constitution isn’t only about inspiration and motivation but also about providing direction and influencing positive behavior. Remember that a well-written organizational constitution can make all the difference in the long-term survival of your company.

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