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Summary of: The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day
By: David Horsager


Get ready to transform the way you approach productivity with this book summary of ‘The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day’ by David Horsager. By incorporating these strategies, you will not only increase your efficiency, but also foster stronger relationships with those around you. Key topics covered include the 90-Day Quick Plan, managing your energy levels, focusing on high-impact tasks, using technology more efficiently and, most importantly, putting people first. Embrace these time-tested techniques to make the most of your workdays and achieve the success you desire.

30 Tips for Maximized Productivity

The book provides 30 tips to increase productivity without compromising personal relationships and well-being. Readers are advised to make a 90-day quick plan, identify difference-making actions, dedicate power hours, focus on single tasks, make quick decisions, prioritize self-care and energy management, log their time, strive for excellence instead of perfection, plan their next day, energize themselves, prepare for work, effectively use email and phone, streamline meetings, optimize travel time, wake up early, keep a clear desk, automate repetitive tasks, create effective to-do lists, master time-saving skills, use mind mapping, back up important files, move towards a paperless office, learn computer shortcuts, avoid electronic gadgets and distractions, optimize computer performance, bundle similar tasks, break down complex tasks, stock up on supplies, learn to say no, take breaks and reflect, change counterproductive habits, and prioritize relationships with loved ones.

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