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Summary of: The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work that Wows and Jobs that Last
By: Tom Peters


Embark on a journey through excellence with Tom Peters’ best-selling book, ‘The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work that Wows and Jobs that Last’. In this comprehensive summary, you will explore topics such as product quality, technology, corporate culture, and the importance of treating customers and employees with kindness. Discover Peters’ thesis that companies delivering human excellence will ultimately thrive in our ever-evolving world. This captivating summary will offer you invaluable insights on maintaining a competitive edge and fostering a sustainable, nurturing work environment.

Tom Peters: A Guru on Corporate Excellence

Tom Peters, a best-selling author, and a co-author of 16 books delivers updated insights on corporate excellence in his latest masterpiece. He provides company leaders with anecdotal knowledge on how to achieve the best in their organizations ranging from product quality, technology, corporate culture, and customer service among others. Peters emphasizes treating employees kindly and embracing their humanity as crucial aspects of business success. Although written before the pandemic, the instructions toward excellence remain relevant and instructional in modern times. Famous authors such as Matthew Kelly and John C. Bogle praise Peters’ work as a quintessential part of the business canon. Peters reminds readers that excellence is a moment-to-moment way of life that requires attention and dedication. A must-read for everyone seeking to excel in business.

Pursuing Excellence

The book recalls how In Search of Excellence highlighted the stark difference between Japanese and American companies in the early 1980s. While Japanese companies focused on producing high-quality products, US companies prioritized financial performance. However, the exceptional US companies that delivered superior products and service alongside good financial results thrived. Excellence, according to the author, is not limited to grand gestures or big decisions, but it is about every interaction, from a casual hallway encounter to a brief email.

Human Excellence Is The Key

As per Peters, while technology might bring an “employment apocalypse,” focusing on human excellence is an effective alternative for companies to thrive. Peters highlights that while physical and mental labor may be replaced by technology, machines cannot deliver personalized customer service or conceptualize innovative tech devices. Therefore, emphasizing the non-machine characteristics of the workforce, such as the ability to share positive experiences and demonstrate care and concern, will lead to success. Peters believes that companies who prioritize human excellence will reap the benefits of the excellence dividend.

Simple Aphorisms for Business Success

In his book, the author provides practical and concise guidelines for achieving business success. These aphorisms include prioritizing your people’s humanity, exemplifying your company’s brand, listening, and continually educating yourself. Peters packs sensible and straightforward advice in a limited literary space, making this book a must-read for any businessperson.

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