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Summary of: The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau’s Code of Excellence
By: Frank Figliuzzi


Welcome to the world of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), an elite organization that has mastered the art of upholding its organizational values and culture, ensuring that misconduct remains a rarity throughout its ranks. In the captivating book summary of ‘The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau’s Code of Excellence’ by Frank Figliuzzi, you will delve into the FBI’s code that flows from its core values, the ‘7 C’s’: Code, Conservancy, Clarity, Consequences, Compassion, Credibility, and Consistency. As you navigate through these vital principles, you will discover how to strengthen your own organization by infusing its core values into every aspect of your operations and management.

FBI’s Core Values and Code of Conduct

The FBI’s strict screening process, along with its core values and culture, leads to only a small percentage of employees facing misconduct allegations. The FBI’s code of conduct, based on their core values of the “7 C’s,” includes honesty under oath as essential. The code reflects their values and sets clear consequences for misconduct, such as dismissal for lying under oath. All organizations should establish their core values and promote a code of conduct that reflects them. For the FBI, these values start with obeying the US Constitution.

FBI’s Code of Conservancy

The FBI’s institutional integrity is preserved through the concept of conservancy, where individual actions have institutional consequences. This starts early with new agents investigating their colleague’s accidents and leaders taking assignments in auditing and internal affairs. The agency undergoes rigorous audits and inspections by the Inspection Division, which also serves as leadership lessons. Conservancy demands sacrifice and could lead to deadly consequences, like the gun battle in Miami, where agents Jerry Dove and Benjamin Grogan died. However, committing to conservancy cultivates excellence and a larger mission for each Bureau member.

FBI Code of Conduct

The FBI code of conduct is critical to maintain the credibility of the organization. It outlines clear rules for agents and ensures compliance with standards. Violations such as dishonesty under oath can result in severe consequences, including suspension without pay or termination. The Office of Professional Responsibility provides employees with a list of penalties for each violation. The FBI accepts the consequences of its actions, upholding its values, even if that jeopardizes ongoing investigations. The code also helps in identifying and responding to chaotic situations like the 9/11 attacks. Osama bin Laden and the sources of support were identified swiftly, thanks to the strict adherence to the FBI code of conduct.

Building Credibility: The FBI’s Code and Conduct

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a role model for how organizations can uphold their credibility. The FBI’s Code and Conduct, which emphasizes compassion, transparency, and accountability, ensures that its employees adhere to the highest ethical standards. The Victim Services Division, Terrorism and Special Jurisdictions Program, and the Child Victim Services Program are some of the initiatives that demonstrate the FBI’s commitment to compassion. The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility maintains institutional transparency by publishing reports on disciplinary actions against agents. The FBI honors excellence through its Honorary Medals Program and encourages its employees to report misconduct through various channels. The FBI is also strict in disciplining its leaders, as evidenced by Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok’s termination after an internal investigation revealed his involvement in criticizing former President Donald Trump. The FBI’s commitment to its code and conduct is crucial in sustaining its law enforcement mission, as seen in its handling of a security threat that prevented the departure of a laden passenger jet from Atlanta’s airport.

In summary, the FBI’s Code and Conduct showcase how compassion, accountability, and transparency can benefit an organization’s credibility. These principles and initiatives are vital for sustaining the Bureau’s reputation and ensuring that it remains a trusted and ethical law enforcement agency.

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