The Free-Time Formula | Jeff Sanders

Summary of: The Free-Time Formula: Finding Happiness, Focus, and Productivity No Matter How Busy You Are
By: Jeff Sanders


Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with never-ending to-do lists and responsibilities? In ‘The Free-Time Formula’ by Jeff Sanders, you’ll discover that the key to happiness, focus, and productivity lies in rethinking the entire concept of ‘free time.’ Realizing that all of your waking hours can become ‘free time’ when utilized efficiently, this book aims to teach time management, prioritization, and avoiding procrastination. Dive into a world free of superficial scheduling, explore the benefits of single-tasking, and learn to embrace minimalism. With insightful discussions on exercise, mental decluttering, the power of themed days, and embracing spontaneous plans, this summary will guide you towards maximizing your personal and professional life.

The Myth of Free Time

The concept of free time is a myth, as we have the freedom to do what we want with our time. To make the most of our waking hours, we need to prioritize and beat procrastination. The human brain is not good at multitasking, and poor prioritization leads to procrastination. By focusing on one task at a time and prioritizing the most important tasks, we can maximize our time and increase productivity.

Singular Priority

The brain cannot handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Therefore, it is essential to focus on singular priorities for efficient results. Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism, suggests that we should return to the more realistic way of talking about prioritizing our tasks. It is necessary to eliminate all distractions and concentrate wholeheartedly on the task at hand. Even before starting with the most important task, look at the to-do list again and evaluate those tasks that can be eliminated, postponed or delegated. By doing so, not only will the list be shorter, but the focus on the essential task will be much clearer and efficient.

Prioritizing Exercise for Maximum Productivity

To optimize your physical and mental health, prioritize exercise over other commitments. Short and intense workout sessions are more effective in boosting productivity than prolonged gym sessions. Start by penciling in your morning run or midday yoga class, then add other commitments around that. Weightlifting can be done with free weights or body weight alone, without any fancy equipment. Gradually increase the tempo and strenuousness of your workout, and you will achieve more in just 15 minutes. Remember that exercise helps finish tasks more efficiently by eliminating stress and leaving you more focused and ready to face challenges. Invest in your health, and it will pay dividends in all aspects of your life!

Letting Go of Burdens

In the book Minimalism, Joshua Becker emphasizes the benefits of letting go of unnecessary possessions and psychological baggage. He suggests starting with decluttering your wardrobe, which streamlines decision-making. Minimalism cuts down on stress, frees up resources and time, and teaches the value of prioritization. The author also highlights the importance of letting go of perfectionism. Rather than striving for perfection, focus on aligning your priorities with your actions. Letting go of burdens can help you accomplish your goals and live a more stress-free life.

Theme Days for Improved Time Management

In his college days, Sanders learned the importance of theme days for improving time management. By focusing on one priority each day, he gets more done. Sanders uses themed days to stay focused, such as podcasting on Mondays, marketing on Tuesdays and so on. When tasks are similar, bundling them together keeps his mind focused. To avoid multitasking, he divides his days into sections, tackling one thing at a time. The key to efficient bundles is specificity.

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