The Greatest Salesman in the World | Og Mandino

Summary of: The Greatest Salesman in the World
By: Og Mandino


Embark on a journey to become an effective salesperson by developing good habits and enhancing your overall life skills with ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino. The book summary delves into the importance of fostering excellent habits that lead to a healthy, successful, fulfilling life. Controlling emotions, fostering trust through love, and demonstrating perseverance are a few essential traits explored to improve one’s sales abilities. Moreover, the book emphasizes staying persistent in the face of challenges and creating a unique selling style. Prepare to immerse yourself in an instructive and engaging guide that reveals practical tips and sheds light on the path to becoming a top salesperson.

Building Effective Habits

The key to doing things effectively is to cultivate good habits that replace bad ones. We all have bad habits that keep us unproductive and unhappy. To break these habits, we must replace them with good ones through repetition until they become part of our lives. For instance, if we want to get out of bed earlier in the morning, we should set an alarm and get up straight away, eat a healthy breakfast and perhaps do some exercise. By adopting good habits, not only will we have formed healthy routines, but we will have eliminated bad habits forever. Fostering good habits is also fundamental to becoming a successful salesperson. This book analyzes the changes we can make to improve our lives and our sales abilities, which can be achieved by turning the book’s ideas into good habits through daily reading.

The Power of Love in Selling

Successful selling requires gaining the customer’s trust. Trust can be earned by demonstrating love towards others in every possible encounter. The author suggests starting each day by telling yourself, “I will love everything and everyone.” The use of loving words has a great impact on the people, and it can turn adversaries into friends. Silently thinking about love while interacting with people affects the body language and facial expression, making one more open and friendly. This way of interaction opens their hearts to you, making the customer more likely to buy from you. Additionally, behaving with love towards competitors can weaken their efforts. By continuously treating them with love, even in the face of theft or lies, the competitor’s negative behavior can be eliminated. The power of love can be applied effectively in the Marketplace for increasing the customer base and lowering competition.

Persist And Succeed

In order to succeed, it’s crucial to never give up and continue persisting. When faced with obstacles, see them as challenges and push harder to overcome them. To stand out in a sales role for instance, don’t imitate others – instead, develop a pitch unique to you. Remember to start each day fresh, with a positive attitude towards doing your best.

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