The Motivation Myth | Jeff Haden

Summary of: The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win
By: Jeff Haden


Delve into the world of motivation as we explore the key insights from Jeff Haden’s book ‘The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win’. In this summary, we will uncover the secret behind the success of high achievers and how small victories fuel motivation. Through the author’s personal experiences and research, we will learn the importance of focusing on the process, not the goal, and how becoming a serial achiever can enhance various aspects of life. Additionally, we will discuss seeking guidance from professionals, the concept of working your number, and how an extreme productivity day can boost your progress.

Small Victories, Big Motivation

The author participated in his first 100-mile Gran Fondo cycling event after taking up cycling as a hobby. Small victories from his grueling training regime kept him motivated. He learned that regularly enjoying small successes is the key to staying motivated and feeling accomplished every day. The first step of any process is the hardest, but acknowledging small victories can lead to a happy cycle of more success and more motivation.

Successful Goal-getters Focus on Process

Research shows that discussing your goal with others makes you less likely to follow through on it. Instead, focus on the steps towards achieving it, or the process. Successful people break their goals down into small, daily steps that are practiced as part of their routine. For instance, the author was paid a mere 0.0095 cents per view on his initial posts on and set a goal of reaching 1,050,000 views monthly. He then created a daily process involving writing one new post, thanking the top three tweeters of his posts, and reaching out to a CEO, celeb influencer or entrepreneur to source articles and ideas. This fueled his motivation and helped him eventually average 2.1 million page views monthly.

The Process is Key

The story of a racehorse highlights the importance of focusing on the process rather than just the end goal when working towards success and happiness. The key message is that your goal should shape your process, but enjoying the process is the only way to consistent and lasting fulfillment. To achieve success, it’s important to be specific in your planning and make adjustments to your schedule to accommodate your goals. Finally, be proud of yourself for making progress along the way, even if it’s not perfect.

Become a Serial Achiever

Success in one area of life can lead to success in others, making it worthwhile to pursue multiple ambitions. Becoming a serial achiever doesn’t mean excelling at everything, but rather taking on hobbies, side hustles, or new skills to maintain motivation and fulfillment. Venus Williams, for example, pursued passions outside of her tennis career by launching her own active-wear brand, starting an interior design firm, and earning a master’s degree. By expanding your repertoire, you can stand out in your field and potentially pave the way for future leadership roles. Even if your side hustle doesn’t succeed, you’ll still be progressing and learning valuable lessons. Don’t limit yourself to just one goal – become a serial achiever and unlock your full potential.

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