The New Corner Office | Laura Vanderkam

Summary of: The New Corner Office: How the Most Successful People Work from Home
By: Laura Vanderkam


Do you dream of working from home and achieving increased flexibility and productivity? If so, ‘The New Corner Office: How the Most Successful People Work from Home’ by Laura Vanderkam provides valuable insights on how to make the transition seamlessly. This book summary highlights key practices like organizing tasks rather than time, creating a daily schedule that resonates with your work, fostering close relationships with colleagues even when remote, seeking new challenges for growth, and creating a comfortable and conducive environment for work.

Productivity Tips For Working From Home

A CEO’s experiment with working from home led to the realization that remote work can be just as productive as being physically present in the office. The key takeaway is to focus on completing tasks, not putting in hours. Create a task list every week, with discrete duties and milestones, and evaluate your progress based on what you actually accomplish. Keep a record of everything you accomplish each day, whether it was on your original agenda or not.

Finding Focus in a Work-from-Home Setup

Establishing a stable and predictable daily schedule is key to a successful remote work setup. To achieve this, start by creating a ritual to replace your commute, then divide your working hours into a rough schedule while tracking your energy levels. Don’t forget to schedule breaks and experiment until you find the ideal balance. While working from home grants you more flexibility, it is important to structure your day with the right rhythm to avoid distractions and maximize productivity.

Fostering Close Relationships in a Remote Workforce

The Best of Both Worlds podcast hosts, despite being separated by distance, built a strong friendship through consistent virtual communication. This emphasizes a key message that one can still foster close relationships while working remotely. With plenty of tools available, there are ways to re-create the old office watercooler in the virtual world. Key actions include setting aside certain times for more casual conversations, re-creating typical team-building activities digitally, and convening remote workers once or twice a year for in-person meetings. Ultimately, by cultivating an atmosphere of openness, creating a workplace where reaching out for casual conversation is a regular part of the team’s repertoire is vital to ensuring the success of a geographically dispersed team.

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