The One Minute Manager | Kenneth H. Blanchard

Summary of: The One Minute Manager
By: Kenneth H. Blanchard


Dive into the fascinating world of effective management with the book ‘The One Minute Manager’ by Kenneth H. Blanchard. Conquer the challenge that managers often face – achieving a fine balance between employee well-being and company performance. With just a minute to spare, learn the secrets of effectively guiding your team and boosting their motivation. In this summary, you’ll find insightful tips for setting goals, delivering praise, and handling mistakes to pave the way to success for both your company and your employees.

Managing Employees for Successful Business

A manager’s primary role is to manage the company’s employees. A company’s success is directly dependent on the quality of work by employees. While many managers tend to overlook the importance of employee training, it is key to maximizing their potential. An effective manager should aim to balance employee satisfaction with high-quality results. This can be achieved in just one minute of employee management and will save time while increasing efficiency.

60 Seconds to Success

Managers can achieve a lot in one minute by defining specific one minute goals for their employees. These goals are outlined in measurable performance metrics that fit on a single sheet of paper and motivate employees by providing concrete targets for them to strive for. The 80-20 goal-setting rule suggests that defining three to six concrete goals for an employee, focused on achieving 20% of their work, is the most effective approach. By implementing this simple strategy, managers boost employee motivation and achieve success in just one minute.

The Power of One Minute Praise

In most companies, employees rarely receive positive feedback from their managers, which leads to demotivation. The solution is to make a habit of delivering one minute praises that are specific, timely and effective in demonstrating your expectations. By providing small acknowledgments of employees’ work, it is possible to incentivize them to perform even better and achieve stellar results. One minute praise is like the first steps in training killer whales to jump high: reward and acknowledge small accomplishments first before raising the bar.

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