The Perfect Day to Boss Up | Rick Ross

Summary of: The Perfect Day to Boss Up
By: Rick Ross


Get ready to delve into Rick Ross’s ‘The Perfect Day to Boss Up,’ an inspiring journey of a rapper-turned-entrepreneur who tackled challenges and turned them into opportunities. This book will guide you through Ross’s diverse business ventures, spanning from founding Maybach Music Group to owning a fast-food franchise, revealing his secrets to building an unshakable empire. As you navigate through the summary, you will discover the importance of hard work, overcoming obstacles, and staying true to your values while chasing success. Moreover, the lessons learned from other legends and the significance of surrounding yourself with the right people, all come together to provide a blueprint for making your dreams come true.

Ross’s Hustle is Strong

Rick Ross, the founder of Maybach Music Group, has diversified his financial portfolio by investing in a fast-food franchise, the spirits industry, and even a line of grooming products. He purchased a prosperous 235-acre estate, The Promise Land, in 2014, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit and touring obligations ceased, that he finally had the chance to capitalize on his investment. The Promise Land includes a recording studio, a home gym, a bowling alley, a movie theater, horse stables, multiple basketball courts, and the most extensive residential swimming pool in the US. Inspired by Bruce Lee, Ross is going with the flow and overcoming obstacles by knocking out guest verses for well-known musicians, promoting his brands, and writing a book about his principles of success.

The Road to Boss-dom

To become a boss, you must take control of your life, put in the work and log the miles. Success isn’t easy, but it’s attainable if you make a plan, acquire knowledge, invest in development and celebrate small wins. Ross’s 10-year journey to “Hustlin’” proves that with hard work, anyone can attain true and long-lasting success.

How Rick Ross’s Watches Taught Him the Value of Time

Rick Ross’s watch collection teaches him the value of time and how important it is to use it effectively. In his daily motto of “rise and grind,” Ross reminds himself of the finite nature of time and uses it as motivation to make the most of every day. He encourages readers to take an honest look at how they spend their time and envision the best version of themselves. By making necessary changes and holding oneself accountable, anyone can achieve their goals. Ross reminds readers that greatness takes time and patience, and one should never give up when the finish line is just around the corner.

The Hustler’s Guide to Wealth

Rick Ross, a successful rapper, has been able to build a substantial fortune through ambition, passion, and smart financial decisions. Despite growing up in Miami where people flaunt their wealth, Ross learned the value of saving and investing even when he struck it rich with his music career. He bought a multimillion-dollar estate and turned it into an asset that pays for itself. He routinely performs at any venue that will pay him and invests his money in real estate, stocks, and bonds to create passive income. Ross credits his success to his dream team, made up of loyal individuals who manage his operations, security, and more, and he emphasizes the importance of valuing and keeping close those who share your ambition and push you to be better. The key takeaway: building wealth requires hard work, smart financial planning, and a strong network.

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