The Three Rules | Michael E. Raynor

Summary of: The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think
By: Michael E. Raynor


Immerse yourself in the gripping adventure of ‘The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think’ by Michael E. Raynor. This book will take you on a journey alongside the unforgettable d’Artagnan and his three musketeer friends with their unmatched camaraderie, undeniable wit, and combat prowess. In their heartfelt quest to unravel the mysteries and navigate through a world of power, deceit, and romance, you will witness how the strength of friendship can overcome any obstacle, unveiling the true essence of loyalty and trust. Prepare to be enthralled as you navigate complex relationships and power struggles in a world where the stakes are high and allegiances constantly shift.

A Fiery Quest

In “The Three Musketeers”, d’Artagnan leaves his hometown of Gascony and heads to Paris to make a name for himself. He carries a letter of introduction to M. de Treville, leader of the King’s Musketeers. But, things are off to a rough start. D’Artagnan gets into trouble with a group of men over his horse, and his letter to M. de Treville is stolen. However, he remains undeterred and arrives in Paris. He meets two Musketeers, who are bickering, before being introduced to M. de Treville. When Athos, the last of three Musketeers, appears before M. de Treville, he collapses from a wound he got during a fight. The book follows d’Artagnan as he sets out on a mission to join the ranks of the Musketeers and become a hero.

D’Artagnan’s Duel Adventure

D’Artagnan moves a step closer to his dream career as he wins the trust of M. de Treville despite his encounter with the thief. However, his pride leads him to set up duels with the three musketeers he bumped into while trying to catch the thief, and they become his loyal friends after a fight with the cardinal’s Guards. Together, they fought for their innocence and won the king’s favor.

D’Artagnan’s Heroic Rescue

As d’Artagnan arrives home, he finds his landlord, M. Bonacieux, seeking help to rescue his wife, one of the queen’s ladies, who had been kidnapped. D’Artagnan agrees to help and, with the help of his friends, they rescue Mme. Bonacieux. She asks d’Artagnan to deliver a message to the Louvre. On his way back, he sees Mme. Bonacieux meeting someone he thinks is Aramis but later discovers to be the Duke of Buckingham. D’Artagnan assists Buckingham and Mme. Bonacieux in their safe passage to the Louvre, where they profess their love. Meanwhile, M. Bonacieux is interrogated by Cardinal de Richelieu and pledges loyalty to him. The cardinal orders Milady to steal two diamond studs from Buckingham.

The Queen’s Betrayal

After securing Athos’s release, M. de Treville informs the king of a conspiracy involving the queen and the Duke of Buckingham. The queen’s chambers and person are searched, and incriminating letters are found. To appease the queen, the king throws a ball and asks her to wear her diamond studs, not knowing that they have been stolen. D’Artagnan delivers a letter from the queen about the studs to Buckingham but gets caught up in a fight with a Cardinal’s agent. Buckingham notices that two of the studs are missing and orders a blockade of the port. D’Artagnan rushes back to Paris to find that Mme. Bonacieux, who had given him the queen’s letter, had been kidnapped.

D’Artagnan’s Twists and Turns

In this section of the book, d’Artagnan sets out to deal with his trio friends’ problems and prepare for their battle with England. He meets Porthos at an inn and realizes that Porthos’s supposed duchess mistress is a banker’s wife who is angry at him and won’t pay his debt. D’Artagnan later finds Aramis with two clergymen and discovers that Aramis’s mistress, Mme. de Chevreuse, has forsaken him, causing Aramis to consider joining the church. D’Artagnan shows Aramis a letter he found that reassures him of Mme. de Chevreuse’s love, and he gives up his plan to join the church. He also reunites with Athos and Grimaud, who have been hiding out in a basement larder while intoxicated after being attacked.

In Paris, they receive a letter from M. de Treville asking them to prepare for the battle with England, but they’re financially limited. Porthos reconciles with his furious banker’s wife, and d’Artagnan is intrigued by a woman he sees at church whom he discovers is Milady. He leads a duel with her brother-in-law and wins but doesn’t kill him, which earns him the lord’s trust, who promises to introduce d’Artagnan to Milady. D’Artagnan visits Milady daily, gradually falling in love with her. However, Kitty, Milady’s maid, accuses her mistress of hating d’Artagnan. She also explains that Milady is sleeping with the Comte de Wardes and that Milady played a role in Mme. Bonacieux’s kidnapping.

D’Artagnan manipulates Milady by exchanging love letters with her while disguising himself as the Comte de Wardes. But he forgets his plan when he sleeps with her and takes a ring from her as a love token. Athos recognizes the ring as his former wife’s and warns d’Artagnan to stay away from Milady. D’Artagnan reveals himself and his plan to Milady, who attacks him and reveals a fleur-de-lis brand on her left shoulder. D’Artagnan runs away, meeting Athos to plan how to use the ring for their funds. Later, d’Artagnan receives two letters: one is from the desperate Mme. Bonacieux asking him to meet her in a deserted place, and the other is from the cardinal, offering him a position in his Guard. D’Artagnan meets the woman who blows him a kiss from a passing carriage, but he’s unsure if she is still in trouble. Meeting with the cardinal, d’Artagnan politely refuses his job offer but is warned that refusing it will make him vulnerable to his enemies’ attacks.

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