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Summary of: The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work
By: Scott Berkun


Get ready to dive into ‘The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work’ by Scott Berkun, where you will explore the unique culture of Automattic, the company behind the renowned blogging platform, WordPress. Discover how the company’s innovative approach to hiring and training, focus on customer-first mentality, and relentless pursuit of innovation has led to its enduring success. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insights and learn how embracing change and discarding unproductive traditions can reshape businesses and improve workplace culture. Join us as we uncover the importance of creating a conducive environment for innovation and uncover the power of effective communication and laughter within teams.

How Automattic Hires and Trains its Employees

Automattic, the company behind, is known for its flexible working environment, awesome team spirit and an unconventional approach to hiring. Unlike other companies, the emphasis is placed on assessing the concrete skills required for the job through a small project, not abstract questions. To ensure new hires are aligned with the company’s values, Automattic trains them immediately in customer support, starting with customer-facing roles. This strategy ingrains the importance of putting the client’s needs first.

The Importance of Company Culture

This book summary discusses the significance of company culture in promoting staff innovation and change. It draws attention to how IDEO’s brainstorming practice called “deep dive” had gained popularity across the United States and how most firms failed to achieve any results without the right staff culture. Although companies followed IDEO’s instructions, they lacked the mindset necessary to be innovative. The summary explains how developing the right company culture starts with the management, who establish an effective culture and then select and train the right staff. The founders of Automattic, Mike Little, and Matt Mullenweg established the company culture very early and faced a dilemma with the blogging software they were using. Rather than abandoning their principles, they created their own software, WordPress. This act cemented a culture of being true to principles, being innovative, and having the courage to overcome difficulties, which still defines the working experience at Automattic.

Keeping It Simple: Streamlining Innovation

Successful innovation can be achieved by simplifying the process. Many companies fail to innovate due to complex barriers between ideas and implementation. At, the process of innovation is kept simple by allowing programmers and designers to release their projects immediately, without tests or approval processes. Even if it’s a minor improvement or bug fix, something new is released every day. This method encourages employees to be brave and keen to try out new things, keeping them from becoming complacent. By minimizing risk, ideas are not stifled before they have a chance to succeed.

Abandoning Traditions for Productivity

Many businesses cling to traditional practices that can hinder productivity, but Automattic takes a different approach. They allow staff to work when and where they want, and wear what they want. They also evaluate broken services before fixing them. By avoiding the rigid standard working day and business attire, they prioritize productivity over tradition.

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