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Summary of: This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters
By: Drew Dudley


In ‘This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters’, author Drew Dudley presents a unique approach to leadership through personal values and goals. The book encourages readers to identify their values, align decisions with these values, and create a leadership culture from a personal standpoint. The reader will uncover the six key values of leadership: impact, courage, empowerment, growth, elevation, and self-respect. Drawing from real-life examples, the book provides practical tools and exercises for addressing leadership questions and self-reflection. This introduction to leadership is engaging and instructive, demystifying complex leadership notions in a user-friendly language.

Finding Your Leadership Philosophy

Successful leaders have a personal philosophy that guides their decision-making and actions. By identifying and prioritizing personal values, one can create a strong leadership philosophy that leads to greater success and trust.

Many leaders operate by the seat of their pants, hoping for success without a plan. However, to truly be successful, a leader must know their goals and develop a strategy. This starts by identifying one’s own leadership values and philosophy. Studies show that leaders with a philosophy are more successful, scoring 135% higher in trust metrics.

Creating a personal philosophy is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as it is unique to each individual. However, it is a perfect place to start in developing a leadership strategy that aligns with one’s values and goals.

To discover one’s personal values, leaders can use deep value questions to guide their decision-making and actions. These questions help leaders define what kind of leader they want to be based on their own values, rather than external expectations. By considering values like accountability, creativity, integrity, positivity, respect, and vision, leaders can choose the three that best align with their personal philosophy.

While identifying surface values is a good start, it is important to dig deeper to fully understand what drives one’s decision-making. By considering what is most important in any given situation, leaders can align decisions with their priorities. For example, when considering a new job opportunity, a leader may prioritize family time, authenticity, and bravery.

Ultimately, a strong leadership philosophy rooted in personal values helps leaders make decisions and set a good example for their team. By living one’s values, a leader can build trust and success among their team and reach their goals with purpose and intention.

Starting Over with Day One Leadership

Imagine the freedom of wiping the slate clean and building the life you want. That’s what Day One Leadership is all about. This philosophy involves keeping your mind on your goals, making steady progress towards them, and embodying six key values. The first value is impact, recognizing the leadership of others. The second is courage, taking risks to learn and grow. The third is empowerment, helping others to realize their abilities. The fourth is avoiding next-day leadership, which reacts to change rather than being proactive. The fifth is elevating instead of escalating, treating everyone with respect and kindness. And the final value is self-respect, having a healthy appreciation for yourself. By embodying these values, you can achieve personal and professional success while inspiring others to do the same. This summary explores how to embed these values into a Day One leadership culture.

Creating a Leadership Culture

Our culture influences our actions and behaviors, and we can shape our own culture by paying attention to our actions. By using the question-behavior effect, we can ensure repeated positive behavior and reflect our values through our actions. To develop a personal culture of leadership, define a value such as impact and embody it in the form of a question that leaves little room for yes-or-no answers. Prioritize and commit to answering the impact question daily for a week to create experiences that make others feel good about engaging with you. By demonstrating your Day One leadership culture on a daily basis, you generate the momentum needed to achieve your most significant goals.

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