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Summary of: Time Traps: Proven Strategies For Swamped Salespeople
By: Todd Duncan


Welcome to the world of ‘Time Traps: Proven Strategies For Swamped Salespeople,’ where author Todd Duncan enlightens you on the process of utilizing your time efficiently to enhance and optimize your sales career. Through this book summary, you will discover the secrets to evading time traps that hinder your productivity and grasp methods for striking a perfect work-life balance. Not only does the book help you identify and eliminate unnecessary activities, but it also provides valuable tips for prioritizing tasks, focusing on high-value clients, and using technology effectively. Let your journey to a well-rounded and successful sales career begin!

Mastering Task Management

Salespeople often get bogged down with non-sales related tasks, losing valuable time. The solution is not to manage time but to manage tasks better. In the book, “Mastering Task Management,” the author offers eight traps to avoid in order to boost productivity. By focusing on task management, salespeople can make the most of their capabilities and avoid common pitfalls such as answering emails or filling out forms. Through this shift in perspective, sales professionals can regain control of their time and unlock their true potential.

Balancing Work and Life

Working for long hours has become an American culture that deeply affects salespeople. When their work takes over their lives, they have no time left for their loved ones, hobbies, or even taking care of themselves. However, successful salespeople who lead satisfying personal lives know that time is not about money but about leading a full life. They take the responsibility of taming life’s chaotic pace, understanding that working does not equate to living. Achieving a harmonious work-life balance requires two things: finding ways to spend less time working without losing sales and investing more in meaningful activities. Being consumed by work may help sales figures, but it does little to promote personal fulfillment – something that true success entails. Salespeople who lead fulfilling lives beyond work come to realize that overworking eventually leads to a less fulfilling life. Therefore, mastering time management is key to attaining balance in both work and life.

Salespeople’s Responsibilities: The Damming of a Raging River

Salespeople often find themselves overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities that leave them feeling like a salmon swimming upstream against a raging river. According to a 2003 survey, salespeople spend only 20% of their workday actively selling and prospecting. They waste time on administrative tasks, attending meetings, and unproductive activities. To control the flood of work, set boundaries, distinguish between necessary and nuisance work, carry out crucial tasks, and identify and avoid energy-stealing obstacles. Also, create five barricades like not giving your home phone number to clients, disabling computer alerts, and avoiding reviewing personal emails at work. The goal is to free up time, close to three hours per day, to focus on productive tasks such as selling. Remember, working harder is not the solution; invest your time in productive tasks, not unnecessary chores.

Breaking Free from the Busyness Dilemma

Salespeople must prioritize productive tasks over unnecessary and necessary tasks to avoid the “busyness dilemma,” where granting too many requests harms efficiency and causes stress.

In the sales profession, success heavily relies on being a team player with a can-do attitude. However, this attitude can lead to the “busyness dilemma,” where salespeople become so consumed with pleasing customers that they sacrifice efficiency and productivity. Symptoms of the problem include tardiness, errors, frustrations, and stress. Salespeople can avoid this pitfall by prioritizing tasks that move the business forward most effectively, called productive tasks. These tasks lead to the best use of time and should have the highest priority in a salesperson’s workday.

Necessary tasks, such as paperwork and customer communication, can be time-consuming but are essential to move the business forward at a slower pace. Unnecessary tasks drain valuable time and should be avoided. Salespeople must recognize the value of saying “no” and avoiding unnecessary requests. By regularly evaluating and structuring workdays to prioritize productive tasks, salespeople can break free from the busyness dilemma and achieve maximum efficiency and success.

Prioritizing Sales to Maximize Results

Focus on the profitable aspects of your business and learn to delegate effectively to achieve higher sales. This book discusses the difficulty that salespeople face in letting go and how to overcome this challenge. It suggests prioritizing time spent building trust with potential customers and adding value to existing ones. It emphasizes the importance of failure in identifying inefficiencies and making positive changes. To enhance productivity, readers are advised to envision optimal workdays and make themselves CEOs even when working alone. Hiring assistants and leveraging company resources, as well as building a competent team, are recommended strategies.

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