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Summary of: Trust and Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others
By: Stephen M.R. Covey


Are you tired of outdated leadership techniques that focus on control and belittling employees? Enter ‘Trust and Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others’ by Stephen M.R. Covey. This book guides you through a refreshing framework that breaks away from the Command & Control approach, and instead embraces Trust & Inspire as the more effective technique for extensive and long-lasting impact. Discover the inspiring story of Microsoft’s CEO, the three stewardships of Trust & Inspire leadership, and the practical applications in the form of stewardship agreements to provide valuable, actionable insights for aspiring leaders.

Trust & Inspire Leadership

The Command & Control leadership style, prevalent since the Industrial Revolution, treats employees like resources to do as they are told, resulting in unmotivated workers and ineffective leadership. Trust & Inspire leadership empowers and inspires workers by recognizing their potential and inspiring a sense of purpose. A Trust & Inspire leader establishes a trusting relationship, listens, cares, and leads by example. The impact of the leadership style is profound, as demonstrated in a school where the Trust & Inspire leader caused an improvement in the quality of teaching with no change in resources. Although breaking away from generations of Command & Control leadership is difficult, the shift towards Trust & Inspire leadership is worth trying.

The Three Stewardships of a Trust & Inspire Leader

This book discusses the transformation of Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella’s leadership and introduces the concept of a Trust & Inspire leader. The Trust & Inspire principles include modeling, trusting, and inspiring. Modeling involves showing moral character, authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy. Trusting involves nurturing growth by establishing mutual trust and mutual accountability. Inspiring involves connecting with one’s self, relationships, and team to establish a shared purpose. The book provides practical tips on implementing these principles in everyday leadership practice.

Mastering Trust & Inspire Leadership

Learn how to implement the Trust & Inspire leadership style through the use of a stewardship agreement. The agreement replaces micromanagement with self-governance, allowing managers to become coaches and establish trust with their team members. The stewardship agreement consists of five elements: setting desired results, establishing guidelines, determining resources, defining accountability and consequences. By utilizing the stewardship agreement, managers can build better relationships and create growth opportunities for their team members.

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