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Summary of: Two and Twenty: How the Masters of Private Equity Always Win
By: Sachin Khajuria


In the high-stakes world of private equity, are you equipped for success? The book ‘Two and Twenty: How the Masters of Private Equity Always Win’ by Sachin Khajuria unveils the fascinating realm of these financial wizards, who flip the fate of ailing companies, fueling the global economy. Get ready to dive into the intricacies of their world, uncovering strategies devised by exclusive teams of experts within elite firms. Discover the essence behind the ‘two and twenty’ payment model that rewards those at the top of the industry and learn how privatizing an outdated supermarket chain can brim with astronomical profits.

Private Equity Investments

Private equity is an investment type that uses large sums of money to flip ailing companies, aiming to turn them into profitable business opportunities that the market salivates over. Private equity often involves flipping entire companies that are facing bankruptcy or have other issues. The investment scheme is risky and usually requires a lot of money to purchase and nurture a company back to health, but the promise of high rewards makes it tempting for investors and professionals alike.

Private Equity: Following the Money Trail

Private equity has become a $12 trillion industry and is likely to double again in the next decade. The payment model is based on “two and twenty” where the professional’s income and wealth are linked to the firm’s performance. This approach is responsible for making senior partners worth millions of dollars by the time they turn forty. Despite managing massive assets, private equity firms often have small teams – a testament to their outstanding success.

Inside the Elite World of Private Equity

Private equity firms operate in highly exclusive environments that demand absolute confidentiality. In such firms, quality, functionality, and focus are highly notched, and privacy is key. These firms have highly focused deal teams that research every detail about a company’s financial health and strategize for business plans worth billions. The team structure is lean, with every member taking a significant level of responsibility. A career in private equity is not mainstream but is rather elite and for the select few who can handle high-pressure situations and bear the responsibility of billion-dollar decisions.

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