Undaunted | Kara Goldin

Summary of: Undaunted: Moving Forward Despite Doubts and Doubters
By: Kara Goldin


Embark on an inspiring journey of resilience, innovation, and self-discovery with Kara Goldin’s ‘Undaunted: Moving Forward Despite Doubts and Doubters.’ This book chronicles the author’s transition from corporate jobs to becoming the entrepreneur behind Hint Water, the United States’ premier brand of unsweetened flavored water. Through her personal experiences, learn how Goldin overcame challenges and setbacks to launch her product, growing the company into a thriving enterprise. Dive deep into her approach to problem-solving, the art of seizing opportunity, and the significance of embracing an ‘undaunted’ mindset to find success in your own life.

Overcoming Obstacles as a Female CEO

Kara Goldin shares her journey of creating the top-selling unsweetened flavored water brand, Hint, by overcoming naysayers and trusting her instincts.

Kara Goldin’s journey to becoming the founder and CEO of Hint Water was not an easy one. As the youngest of five children, she had to learn how to fend for herself at an early age. After working several corporate jobs and starting a family of four children, Goldin created Hint Water, the number one brand of unsweetened flavored water in the United States.

Despite not wanting to become a CEO, Goldin’s passion and commitment to creating a unique product guided her throughout the process. She overcame numerous obstacles, including hearing “no” and “it’s impossible,” and competing with major beverage companies on the market.

After drinking 10 to 12 cans of Diet Coke a day, Goldin decided to switch to drinking water to shed pregnancy weight. However, she did not like the taste and added fresh fruit to flavor it. Her family and friends loved her creation, and she decided to sell it.

Goldin’s determination and trust in her instincts paid off. Today, Hint is available in all 50 states and has yearly retail sales exceeding $200 million. This book is a testimony to the power of perseverance, creativity, and commitment to creating something that matters.

From a Toy Store to Time Inc.

At the age of 14, Kara Goldin started working at a toy and crafts store in Arizona. She quickly excelled at selling and learned to talk to customers about their needs. After college, Goldin wrote to Fortune magazine about her dream to work for them. Though she had no appointment, she showed up at their offices and ended up being hired for an executive assistant position at Time magazine. Despite struggling to make ends meet, she worked hard and learned a great deal while finding ways to save money on meals. Goldin eventually moved on to a job in advertising sales at CNN.

Kara Goldin’s Journey to Success

After working at 2Market, an early e-commerce venture, Kara Goldin became skilled in getting big clients. When AOL bought 2Market, she accepted a severance package and decided to create her own opportunities. AOL executive Myer Berlow later retained her and six months later, AOL rehired her with a raise and more stock options. While traveling the United States signing up clients, her habit of drinking multiple cans of Diet Coke each day paved the way for creating Hint water. In 2000, AOL and Time Warner merged and Kara Goldin cashed out her stock options, eventually concentrating on her children’s upbringing.

Hint: A Healthier Drink

Kara Goldin, a mother of four, struggled to lose weight after her pregnancies due to her addiction to diet soda. Determined to make healthier choices, she switched to drinking water exclusively but found it tasteless. She started experimenting by adding fruit to her water and soon switched her family to drinking fruit-infused water instead of sugary juices and soda. Goldin’s Full Foods clerk praised her unsweetened fruit-infused water, which sparked her idea to turn it into a marketable product. Despite facing challenges, including a surprise fourth pregnancy and difficulties finding a co-packer, the Goldins persisted and introduced “Hint” to the market in April 2005. Hint’s tagline “Drink water, not sugar” reflects the company’s mission to promote healthy drinking. Their efforts paid off as Whole Foods quickly sold out of their initial 10 cases of Hint, paving the way for a successful business. Hint serves as a testament to Goldin’s determination to make a difference and promote healthier living.

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