Under New Management | David Burkus

Summary of: Under New Management: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business as Usual
By: David Burkus


Are you ready to revolutionize your organization by putting employees first and fostering a vibrant work environment? Dive into ‘Under New Management’ by David Burkus to discover innovative strategies that can help create a happier and more engaged workplace. Learn how breaking free from rigid rules, encouraging creativity, embracing flexible workspaces, fostering collaboration, and giving timely feedback can lead to better employee satisfaction and performance, ultimately producing highly satisfied and loyal customers. It’s time to change the game and make your organization flourish.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Good employee treatment leads to happy customers, and Netflix’s employee policies provide a great example for fostering happy, engaged, and loyal staff. Research conducted by Stephen Brown and Son Lam of the University of Houston found that the job satisfaction of employees is closely linked to the happiness of customers. When employees are happy and enjoy their work, they tend to be more motivated, friendly, and engaging with clients. This correlation holds even for those customers who have little contact with employees. It is financially sound to prioritize employee happiness, as they will return the favor to customers. Trust is the key to having committed and creative workers, and Netflix exemplifies this through its policies. Instead of micromanaging, leadership should trust the workers by allowing them certain freedoms and flexibility. For example, Netflix’s employees can set their own schedules and take time off at their discretion. Furthermore, their employees are only required to act in the best interest of the company when handling travel expenses. This policy resulted in cost savings and produced engaged employees who wanted to invest in the company and were less likely to leave.

Hiring Team Players

The success of your business relies heavily on having the right team. As such, hiring the right people is crucial. Research has shown that even top performers may not excel in a new workplace if they don’t fit in with the team. Whole Foods, for example, allows prospective employees to work with the team they’re applying to join before the team votes on whether to bring the person on board. It is also important to let the whole team participate in the hiring process to ensure a good fit. Additionally, disengaged employees can harm a team’s overall performance – therefore, it may be best to let them go and offer a bonus as an incentive to leave. With the changing nature of modern work, it is important to focus on finding team players when hiring to ensure the success of your business.

The Rise of Knowledge Workers and its Impact on Management

In today’s economy, knowledge workers, who use their intellectual abilities to create new ideas and work on projects, have gained prominence. The rise of knowledge work has brought about a shift in the way managers organize their teams. Unlike manual labor, knowledge work is unpredictable and requires a flexible organizational structure. Projects, not rigid job descriptions, are now the focal point of employee organization. For modern companies to remain productive, employees need to be able to make autonomous decisions, and managers’ roles have changed to facilitate flexible teams. Additionally, research shows that workers who feel in control are the most productive. Therefore, providing an environment that enables autonomy is crucial.

The Future of Workspaces

Facebook’s biggest open office may not be the future of work as studies show that both open and closed offices have their advantages. Employees do better when given the choice to switch between open and closed office types depending on their tasks and preferences. Studies also reveal that limiting email use can improve productivity, and French technology company Atos SE has replaced email with a custom-designed internal social network, allowing employees to actively seek out information they need. As the world moves forward, a broader view on working environment and style is necessary.

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