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Summary of: Uplifting Service
By: Ron Kaufman


Welcome to the world of ‘Uplifting Service’! In this engaging summary, you will be introduced to the transformative power of redefining and elevating customer service within your organization. Exploring the lessons from world-class service leaders like Singapore’s Changi Airport and online retailer Zappos, you will learn how to reimagine service as a source of competitive advantage and a driver for long-term customer relationships. From creating an Engaging Service Vision to understanding the role of leadership and implementing effective recognition programs, this summary will provide actionable insights and guidance in building a strong service culture and achieving business success.

Uplifting Service: Redefining the Meaning of Customer Service

Customer service has declined due to its association with subservience and low value. However, employees must redefine the meaning of service by creating value for others and inspiring them. Service requires going beyond fulfilling customer requests and requires curiosity and inspiration to engage with customers. Singapore’s Changi Airport exemplifies “uplifting service,” taking customer service to a new level by providing a great first impression for visitors. To create an uplifting service culture, leadership must initiate and support the process, and companies can take five steps towards creating such a culture.

Embrace service for business success

Discover why service is crucial for companies and how to build a service culture that empowers employees. Melvin Leong of Changi Airport highlights the value of service training and the impact it has on employees. Learn to define your unique service “building blocks”, create a customer service language and apply it to all aspects of your business. Complaints can provide an opportunity to win back customer loyalty. Remove rules and control from managers and give every employee decision-making power to improve service. Keep moving forward towards a successful service-oriented organization.

Creating a Service-Focused Corporate Culture

To build a successful service-focused corporate culture, leadership is key from all directions in a company. Top-down leadership entails modeling the desired behavior by executives for adoption by employees. Bottom-up leadership, through actions from rank-and-file employees, can also start a revolution in service. Notably, also providing recognition for service achievement from the organization can foster a culture that prioritizes service. Successful companies, like Nordstrom and Zappos, make customer service an integral part of their corporate culture. Leaders must model expected behavior, and actions speak louder than words. One senior Panasonic executive left an indelible impression on employees when he picked up a paper clip from the ground during a factory visit, demonstrating that even small actions can have a great impact. The Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle exemplifies how bottom-up leadership can lead to innovation and excellence in customer service. Companies that do not prioritize service risk losing customers, and recognition for service achievement should come frequently from the organization to create a culture of continuous service improvement.

Building a Service-Oriented Culture

In the book summary, companies are advised to develop a common service language that simplifies complex ideas and promotes good customer relationships. To achieve this, companies should recruit and retain employees who fit their service culture and provide them with proper service orientations. Companies are also encouraged to recognize and reward staff members for providing excellent customer service and to take customer feedback to heart by using it to improve their services. The book emphasizes that creating a service-oriented culture is critical for customer satisfaction and business success.

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