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Summary of: Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork
By: Dan Sullivan


Discover the transformative power of teamwork as we delve into the key insights from ‘Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork’ by Dan Sullivan. Unravel the secrets behind the successes of iconic figures like Michael Jordan and learn how to harness the potential of those around you to achieve your greatest ambitions, both personally and professionally. With practical strategies and real-life case studies, this summary will guide you on your journey towards collaboration, time and financial freedom, and accomplishing more together than you ever thought possible.

The Who-Not-How Philosophy

In “The Who-Not-How Philosophy,” this excerpt explores the story of Michael Jordan’s journey to winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls. It highlights the message that successful individuals enlist the help of “Whos” to focus on their unique abilities and achieve their goals. Jordan needed several teammates and a coach with a strategy to refine the team’s skills and win championships. The article posits that if one of the greatest basketball players needed help, we all need to consider who can help us achieve our own goals.

The Power of “Who”

The Self-Expansion Model developed by psychologists Dr. Elaine Aron and Dr. Arthur Aron suggests that your efficacy is based on context, not absolute ability. Your potential isn’t fixed; it changes according to who is around you. The key is to find the right “Whos” – supportive people who can help you obtain resources that make achieving your goals possible. Involving others not only broadens your vision but also strengthens your commitment.

Procrastination: A Sign of Wisdom

Procrastination can have negative psychological effects but can also serve as a sign of having worthy goals or ambitions. To end the pattern of procrastination and achieve success, it is necessary to take direct action and get the right people, or “Whos,” involved. Dan Sullivan’s “Who Not How” philosophy suggests using an Impact Filter worksheet to explicitly define goals and necessary results to find the right help.

The Who Method

Dean Jackson, a Toronto-based real estate agent, decided to invest in a Who after moving to Florida to co-establish a business that coached other agents. He hired someone to clean his condominium each week, but he soon realized that Mandy, his cleaner, could do more than just cleaning. She could free up his time by doing other tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning his car. By investing in a Who, Jackson realized that he had more time to focus on income-generating activities, which had a huge impact on his earnings. Similarly, Jacob Monty, a labor and immigration attorney, hired a driver to take over his road-safety responsibilities, allowing him to focus on preparing for hearings and reviewing documents while commuting. Although investing in a Who can at first seem costly, it can provide more time and mental clarity necessary to grow a business and earn more revenue. Delegating nonessential tasks to a Who can help individuals accomplish their goals more efficiently by freeing up their time and reducing decision fatigue.

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