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Summary of: Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary
By: Frank Luntz


Embark on a journey to elevate your business from ordinary to extraordinary with Frank Luntz’s ‘Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary’. This book summary covers the salient themes of understanding the human side of situations, prioritizing effectively, and harnessing the power of communication. Learn how winners concentrate on long-range goals and think outside the box, while staying empathetic and authentic. Discover the ‘nine Ps of winning’ and gain insights on the importance of being people-centered, embracing paradigm shifts, differentiating your company, striving for perfection, and building great partnerships. Embrace the power of passion and persistence, and incorporate ethical principles into your daily routine.

The Nine Ps of Winning

Winning demands special abilities, including understanding the human side of situations, creating something new, and having the vision to solve life’s challenges. Winners prioritize, persuade with power, and move ahead when others retreat. The secret to winning lies in long-range goals, excellent communication skills, and a willingness to fail and try again. This book outlines the “nine Ps of winning.”

Winning with Empathy

Former US President Bill Clinton’s empathetic approach to politics is discussed in this book. Being people-centered is a key factor in becoming a winner. The four questions that successful people answer affirmatively are: looking others in the eyes, asking “why” repeatedly, analyzing what can be gained from interactions, actively looking to improve situations, and applying their experiences. By being empathetic and understanding others’ needs, individuals can develop solutions and work towards success.

Paradigm Shifts

Nicolaus Copernicus revolutionized the scientific world by challenging the belief that the Earth was at the center of the universe. This shift in thinking represented a paradigm shift, which occurs when assumptions, values, and concepts that shape our reality are challenged and changed. Similarly, Ray Kroc’s expansion of McDonald’s and the fast-food industry represents a paradigm shift that changed the way things were done. Winners who cause major shifts in the world throw out their established notions and think in new ways to create radical solutions. Avon CEO Andrea Jung suggests imagining being fired and returning to work with a fresh perspective to identify problems and offer innovative solutions. Overall, paradigm shifts occur when individuals challenge existing assumptions and are willing to think differently.

Prioritizing Communication for Business Success

In 2008 and 2009, the Obama administration made health care reform a priority despite public support hovering around 37-42%. While there was a clear need for jobs, Democrats pushed the legislation through Congress. This mismatch in priorities highlights the importance of recognizing what your customers care about, crafting a unique concept, and delivering a personalized message. Prioritizing communication in this way is key to business success.

Modern Cars: The Pursuit for Perfection

Over the years, cars have significantly evolved and become better in terms of fuel efficiency and added features. New models of cars have built-in docks for MP3 players, standard navigation systems, and hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius, which averages 50 MPG, have emerged. Competition within the industry has pushed car manufacturers to build the perfect vehicle, with Lexus as an example of the “relentless pursuit of perfection.” Winners in the industry aim for nothing less than perfection.

Michael Jordan’s Winning Partnerships

Michael Jordan’s success was not solely based on his individual talent, but on the partnerships he fostered. Nike’s partnership with Jordan in 1984 made him their primary celebrity endorser, resulting in the success of the Air Jordan shoes, despite the initial setback. Jordan’s influence extended beyond the basketball court, demonstrating the importance of connecting with others on an individual level. Winners know they need to partner with others, but the chemistry must be right for the partnership to flourish. Jordan’s success story serves as a reminder that partnerships are essential for achieving greatness.

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