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Summary of: Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success
By: Ivanka Trump


In ‘Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success’, Ivanka Trump congregates ideas from various experts on women empowerment and combines them with her personal experiences to provide an insightful guide for working women. The book addresses the challenges faced by women in the workforce, reinforces the importance of passion and happiness for success, and emphasizes the value of genuine connections and effective communication. Trump also shares her thoughts on leadership, negotiation skills, time management, work-life balance, and the necessity of family-supportive policies in the workplace.

Women Who Work

Ivanka Trump’s book, Women Who Work, shares advice on achieving success through personal stories and professional tips. While her message of following your passion and networking is worthy, her assumptions represent a deep unawareness of others’ realities. Nevertheless, Trump is an industrious and hard-working executive, promoting women’s positions of power and equality in the corporate world. Her book promotes the women-helping-women theme and augments guidance for women who work with personal stories and healthy self-promotion. Trump offers insight into her experience, research, expertise, and learning to negotiate for those who are looking to advocate for themselves.

Working Women Today

Despite comprising 47% of the labor force and 40% of primary earners, women in the workplace still face stereotypes. Ivanka Trump’s fashion line addresses the need for women’s professional attire that is both fashionable and feminine.

Build a Life around Your Values

Passion breeds engagement, motivation, and energy. Happiness, not success, leads to success. Focus on what you love to do and care about. To focus on the steady path, build a life framework around your values. Write a personal mission statement with your goals, values, and aspirations. It should serve as your guide for living the life you want and making decisions. Make it your reference point.

The Art of Effective Communication

In the digital era, personal communication remains valuable. Asking the right questions and listening attentively is crucial for effective communication. It’s essential to keep an open mind and limit your input to 20 seconds to keep your conversational partner engaged. Pay attention to your body language and what it communicates.

Mastering Public Speaking

Trump’s advice on public speaking entails visiting the venue beforehand, practicing aloud, considering pace, emphasis, and body language, and asking for feedback.

Building Meaningful Connections

According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 30% of Americans feel engaged at work. To cultivate a positive work experience, it is crucial to establish authentic relationships with your coworkers, managers, and employees. In his book, Trump emphasizes the importance of building connections based on sincerity and trust. He also encourages readers to create a personal network of individuals they admire and respect. By doing so, one can ensure their success both personally and professionally in the long run. Forging genuine relationships and networks is an investment that pays off in multiple ways.

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