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Summary of: Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success
By: Ivanka Trump


Embark on a journey through Ivanka Trump’s ‘Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success’ as she shares inspiring lessons and personal anecdotes to empower the modern working woman. Gain valuable insights on topics such as embracing your passion, building your network, and mastering the art of negotiation. In this summary, you will discover an array of practical advice aimed at shattering dated stereotypes surrounding ‘working women’ and encouraging women to redefine success by pursuing fulfilling careers and lives.

Trump’s Lessons for Working Women

In her book, Ivanka Trump shares her views on working women. She draws from the ideas of experts, shares personal stories, and promotes self-promotion. While her suggestions may not be possible for everyone, her emphasis on women supporting women is appreciated. Trump encourages following passions, building networks, negotiating, and promoting policies like paid maternity leave. Despite espousing policies that may conflict with her father’s administration, Trump has become a committed, hard-working executive, wife, and mother. Overall, the book offers valuable guidance, though not entirely innovative.

The Misconception of Working Women

Women account for almost half of the workforce and 40% are primary earners, yet they are still referred to as “working women” as if it’s an exception. Ivanka Trump launched a fashion line of workwear that celebrates professional and feminine styles, challenging the outdated stereotypes of working women. Despite progress, the public conversation surrounding women in the workforce has not kept up, and women still face many challenges in achieving equality and recognition for their contributions.

Success Starts with Happiness

Success is not a precursor to happiness; happiness leads to success. When we are passionate about something, we are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and energized. To live a fulfilling life, it’s essential to focus on things we love and align them with our core values. Donald Trump suggests building a framework for life around these values by creating a personal mission statement. This statement serves as a blueprint for creating the life we desire, making choices easier, and serving as a constant reminder of our touchstone. By prioritizing happiness, we become more likely to achieve success.

The Value of Real Conversations

Communication in the digital age highlights the importance of asking the right questions and listening carefully to responses. Adopting an open-minded approach and paying attention during conversations is crucial. Additionally, limiting input to 20 seconds per turn is recommended to maintain the listener’s attention. Nonverbal communication should also be noted, as it plays a vital role in conversation.

Mastering Public Speaking

In her book, Trump stresses the importance of preparation and practice when speaking in public. Drawing from her experience addressing millions of people at the Republican National Convention, she recommends practicing aloud and considering pace, emphasis, and body language. To improve, she suggests seeking feedback from trusted individuals. These tips can help anyone become a confident and effective public speaker.

Connecting for Success

The book emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections with colleagues and superiors for personal and professional growth. A Gallup poll reveals that only 30% of Americans feel engaged at work. The author advises leaders to be authentic and sincere to earn trust. Building a network of people you admire for their qualities could feel more rewarding than cultivating relationships for personal gain.

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