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Summary of: WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams
By: Jaclyn Johnson


Are you ready to transform your career and cultivate the life of your dreams? In ‘WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams’, author Jaclyn Johnson shares her journey from being fired in the corporate world to launching a successful entrepreneurial career. Get ready to learn the concept of ‘WorkParty’ – an innovative approach to the traditional American Dream – and explore key lessons on reputation building, networking, developing creative businesses, managing finances, and supporting other women. Overcome imposter syndrome and cultivate confidence by seeking inspiration from role models, building strong connections and exploring your personal and professional potential.

A WorkParty Guide to Entrepreneurship

Jaclyn Johnson’s journey from a six-figure salary in New York to entrepreneurship in Los Angeles is a testament to the power of WorkParty. After being fired from Citysearch for her aggressive emails, Johnson was propelled into her own venture. She learned valuable lessons that she distilled into her book, “WorkParty,” emphasizing the importance of building a good reputation, networking, documenting agreements, understanding contracts, and treating sideline projects like real businesses. Her advice for budding entrepreneurs is to combine their passion for work with hard work.

Wielding Power as a Woman

Overcoming Gender Bias, Imposter Syndrome, and Building Women Support Networks

To break into a male-dominated workspace, women face several challenges, primarily gender bias, which is the primary reason why women don’t advance, according to a 2017 Harvard study. Despite this, women-owned businesses increased by almost double the rate of all US firms from 1996 to 2006, highlighting that women can break from tradition and succeed. However, women often face imposter syndrome- the belief that one is unqualified despite evident success, especially in male-dominated spaces. To overcome these challenges, women must exercise authority, surround themselves with supportive women, and seek out women role models who lead successful businesses such as Away co-founders Jen Rubio and Stephanie Korey, S’well founder Sarah Kauss, and Spanx owner Sara Blakely.

Whether in entrepreneurship or corporate jobs, building relationships with those who facilitate growth is fundamental. Seeking mentors, building a tribe, and attending networking events are ways of building a supportive community that will help in hard times. Women must learn to build confidence by speaking to themselves in encouraging ways, breaking from tradition to succeed, and building meaningful relationships with other women.

Creating a Unique Company

Starting a business requires finding your company’s distinctive contribution to the market and determining how it differentiates from competitors. It’s essential to identify the whitespace in the market, seize opportunities, and add something unique to your industry. Determine what’s missing from the market, what you can offer that others can’t, and hold onto your uniqueness while being authentic and creative. Confidence is key when starting a business, and learning from your mistakes and negative feedback is vital. Be honest about whether your product is better than what already exists, and be willing to take the risk if your idea or product permeates your life and thoughts. Silence is not golden in the digital age, and confronting risk, facing your fears, and creating joy is necessary.

The Art of Peacocking

Aspiring female bosses face the challenge of balancing popular culture’s perception of women with the reality of leadership. Despite the increasing number of women in leadership roles, they hold fewer than 20% of top corporate positions. The media portrays men as commanding leaders and women in similar positions as bossy and shrill. To succeed, female bosses must build strong reputations and learn the art of peacocking. This grants them the power to hire and mentor other women, helping to close the gender gap in leadership.

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