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Summary of: WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams
By: Jaclyn Johnson


Welcome to the summary of WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams by Jaclyn Johnson. In this book, Johnson shares her inspiring journey from getting fired to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Through her experiences, she introduces the concept of ‘WorkParty,’ a modern version of the American Dream that combines passion and hard work in equal measure. Sprinkled with eye-opening insights, the book is a comprehensive guide for young professionals looking to thrive in their careers. It covers topics such as building a solid reputation, the importance of networking, managing money, thriving as a female leader, powerful hiring practices, and meaningful negotiation techniques.

Building a WorkParty

Jaclyn Johnson, a former social media leader at Citysearch, shares her experience transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. After being fired for her communication style, Johnson established her own business and created the concept of “WorkParty.” She shares five valuable lessons she learned as a young entrepreneur that includes building a good reputation, networking, documenting agreements, understanding contracts, and treating creative sidelines as real businesses. Johnson’s story inspires readers to pursue their passions and work hard to achieve their goals.

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women to Succeed

In a male-dominated workplace, it is crucial to recognize that gender bias is often the reason why women don’t advance. However, women-owned businesses are increasing at an impressive rate, emphasizing the importance of women supporting one another to wield power effectively. To overcome imposter syndrome, talk to yourself by name or in the third person to build your confidence. Don’t be afraid to reach out to inspiring women who have succeeded in leadership positions. Learn to persevere and build a network of experts, mentors, and friends to inspire you during the hard times. Remember, behind every great woman are other great women. Embrace the attitude of breaking from tradition, fearlessly and sometimes recklessly, to succeed and become your own best friend.

Crafting Your Unique Business Voice

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but finding your company’s distinctive contribution to the market is key. To set yourself apart from your competition, consider your business’s strengths and how you can differentiate it from others. Learn to be authentic while holding onto your uniqueness and creativity. It’s essential to ask yourself the right questions, conduct market research, and determine if your product offers more benefits than what’s already out there. Silence may not be golden in the digital age, but listening to feedback, even if it’s negative, can help you learn and avoid making costly mistakes. With the right mindset and risk-taking attitude, building a business can be a rewarding experience that enables you to create the joy and fulfillment you desire.

Women Leaders

Female bosses must navigate societal expectations and build their own reputations to succeed in male-dominated industries where women hold fewer than 20% of top corporate positions.

As more women break into leadership positions, they must grapple with ingrained cultural biases that paint assertive women as bossy, shrill, and aggressive, while portraying male leaders as confident and commanding. Despite these challenges, women leaders have the unique opportunity to hire and mentor other women, and to build up their own companies’ reputations. To succeed in male-dominated industries, female bosses must learn the art of “peacocking” by confidently flaunting their strengths and assertiveness, without fear of being labeled as overly aggressive.

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