Zen and the Art of Making a Living | Laurence G. Boldt

Summary of: Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design
By: Laurence G. Boldt


Embark on a journey of self-discovery, fulfillment, and spiritual growth with ‘Zen and the Art of Making a Living’ by Laurence G. Boldt. This practical guide encapsulates the profound wisdom of Zen to help you find your true calling in life. The book emphasizes the importance of meaningful work, individualism, and self-awareness while challenging conventional notions of success and failure. Learn how to ask yourself deeper questions about your work, its impact on your soul, and your contribution to society. Unveil the spiritual courage required for transforming your career and embracing your innate talents and values. Experience the Zen way of embracing the present moment and cultivating a positive attitude towards life.

Zen for Professional Development

In this book, Zen philosophy is presented as a path to infusing spirituality and personal fulfillment into our professional lives. The author argues that Zen principles can help us find meaning in our work, understand the interconnectedness of all things, and develop self-awareness and confidence. To achieve career success on our own terms, we must first ask ourselves deeper questions and become aware of our gifts and talents. Through inner reflection and spiritual courage, we can transition into a more fulfilling job that aligns with our principles and contribution to society.

Listening to Your Soul

If you feel constant discomfort in your current job, it may be a sign from your soul for change. While it can be scary and challenging, ignoring this sign can affect other aspects of your life. The modern work world offers more opportunities to take risks and pursue fulfilling careers. Through spiritual liberation and art, it’s possible to transform your suffering into something meaningful.

Unlocking Your Purpose

To achieve great things in life, you need to understand your innate talents, values, and goals. This requires self-awareness and a positive mindset. Having a strong sense of purpose will help you overcome obstacles and stay motivated when faced with difficulties. To unlock your purpose, you must examine your views on addressing significant problems, your values, your place in the universe, your abilities and strengths, and realistic objectives. Lack of purpose has squandered more talent than any other cause. Thus, it’s vital to set written goals and take pride in even the most menial tasks to create a positive state of mind. Overcoming obstacles and making the best of situations can generate the energy you can use for greater achievements.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Fear of failure and low self-esteem often prevent people from pursuing their true calling. This fear is usually rooted in the expectations of others or societal standards. To overcome this, one must take action rather than rely on faith alone. Evaluating one’s efforts in light of their original vision is essential. Negative thoughts and self-doubt are normal, but dwelling on them is self-sabotage. Reading biographies of successful people who overcame extraordinary odds and seeking positive feedback can help overcome self-doubt and negative reinforcement. Pursuing one’s dream is often painful, but seeing the big picture can provide the necessary buffer to push through.

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