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Summary of: The Inspired Vegan: Seasonal Ingredients, Creative Recipes, Mouthwatering Menus
By: Terry Bryant


Welcome to the vibrant world of ‘The Inspired Vegan’ by Terry Bryant! In the following summary, you will be immersed into this delightful journey that combines a wide array of seasonal ingredients, creative recipes, and mouthwatering menus. Bryant aims to tackle food injustice by making cooking and eating a political act that nurtures inclusivity and sustainability. He encourages readers to freestyle the recipes and use seasonal ingredients in their cooking and advocates growing one’s produce. The menus featured here are inspired by various factors such as culture, political movements, history, and even art and literature. Get ready to be enthralled and nourished as you embark on this edible quest towards justice, sustainability, and inspiration!

Food Justice: Making Cooking a Political Act

When Bryant Terry moved from Brooklyn to California, he found himself in a food paradise with easy access to fresh, organic produce. However, adjacent to his community was West Oakland, a food desert with no grocery stores. This is a common problem in the US, and predominantly affects African American and Latino communities. Terry’s mission is to create community-based solutions, advocating for cooking and eating as political acts. His approach is holistic, using not just recipes, but experiences that include film, music, and literature, to inspire solidaristic action for a better future for all.

Freestyle Your Cooking

Terry, a seasoned chef, encourages adjusting his recipes to suit your taste buds. He suggests using fresh ingredients and researching the best diets for your health and cooking for others. His wife’s pregnancy motivated him to find natural sources of iron in food, like beets, rather than supplements. When it comes to fat, he advises forming your own opinion by reading up on its benefits and drawbacks. To infuse your olive oil with flavors, he suggests simmering your choice of spices or herbs in it. Lastly, Terry urges readers to try growing their own produce to consume more consciously and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Cooking Basics for Tomato Lovers

Learn to cook with fresh ingredients to make delicious and nutritious vegan meals.

Congratulations on growing your tomato plants! Now, what do you do with all those tomatoes once they ripen? Don’t just settle for the usual tomato sandwiches. Instead, learn the basics of cooking with fresh ingredients to create nutritious and delicious vegan meals.

Begin with the building blocks of cooking. Start with beans and grains as your foundation. Soak dried beans overnight and cook them in fresh water for delicious and inexpensive vegan meals. Grains like quinoa, oats, and rice are easy to prepare and can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. Remember to allow steam to collect while cooking grains for shorter cooking times.

Adding flavor is the next step. Experiment with different herbs and spices to create unique taste experiences. Roasting garlic and caramelizing onions add natural sweetness to dishes, while pickled mustard greens provide an unexpected flavor bomb. Pesto is another versatile option; mix and match herbs and nuts, then freeze in ice cube trays for future use. And if you’re looking for a creamy finish, try cashew cream instead of yogurt or heavy cream.

Once you’ve mastered the building blocks and added your own flavors, it’s time to start creating menus. Get inspired by the seasons, political movements, your family, and even art and literature. Follow Terry’s example by exploring eclectic inspirations behind four unique menus, then start creating your own.

Don’t limit yourself to tomato sandwiches. With these basic cooking skills, you can turn your fresh produce into nutritious, delicious, and inventive vegan dishes.

Exploring African American Cuisine

Terry’s cooking is a critique of the often misinterpreted African American cuisine that celebrates diverse ingredients and regional variations. Terry’s spring menu “Grits. Greens. Molasses.” showcases dishes that are slowly and intentionally cooked with naturally-sourced ingredients. Terry’s style of cooking challenges the stereotype that soul food is always deep-fried and soaked in lard and sugar. It is a celebration of African American history and memory, which are often connected with the idea of home and family.

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