Sex, Lies, and Handwriting | Michelle Dresbold

Summary of: Sex, Lies, and Handwriting: A Top Expert Reveals the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting
By: Michelle Dresbold


Dive into the fascinating world of handwriting analysis with this riveting summary of ‘Sex, Lies, and Handwriting: A Top Expert Reveals the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting’ by Michelle Dresbold. Uncover the powerful psychological insight that lies within the strokes and curves of handwriting as we explore various elements such as slant, curves, size, and the personal pronouns people use. This book summary will reveal how handwriting analysis can provide a reliable method for understanding personalities, people’s true intentions, and even detecting lies. Demystify this complex science in user-friendly language that will leave you eager to examine your own writing and those around you.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting is an art that reflects the personality traits of an individual. Detectives and FBI agents often rely on handwriting analysis to create a psychological profile of a criminal. Your brain determines all the characteristics of your handwriting, including the size, shape, and slant, which reflect different personality traits. An upward slant reflects a cheerful personality, while a downward slant suggests sadness. Van Gogh’s downward slanting handwriting reflected his struggles, whereas Picasso’s upward slant reflected his happy and prolific life. The curves and angles in handwriting indicate how nurturing or determined a person is. Mother Teresa’s round and curved handwriting revealed her gentle and caring nature, whereas Hitler’s sharp angled letters reflected an aggressive and competitive personality. Handwriting analysis is a reliable technique that can provide psychological insight into an individual’s personality.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting offers insight into a person’s personality and intentions.

Have you ever looked at someone’s handwriting and gotten a sense of their personality? Handwriting offers personal insight into a person’s character. For instance, large lettering typically suggests an extroverted and chatty person while small handwriting may signify an introverted personality.

Ted Bundy, a serial killer, had large and boldly expressive lettering, reflecting his outgoing and charming nature. On the other hand, Ted Kaczynski, the reclusive “Unabomber,” had small and tightly controlled handwriting, mirroring his isolated lifestyle. Handwriting analysis extends to even the smallest details. How someone writes their name on a birthday card or note can provide clues to their intentions.

If someone writes your name in small letters while offering an oversized signature, it could indicate that they hold themselves in high regard while thinking little of you. Conversely, large letters for your name with a delicate signature may suggest low self-esteem and high regard for you.

Moreover, the way you write the names of the people you like and dislike provides insight through the subconscious. Writing the disliked name in smaller letters with little pressure suggests that you do not want to waste energy on that person. However, writing their name with more pressure indicates that you may be directing a lot of angry energy towards them.

Pay attention to the intricacies of your handwriting. It offers a glimpse into your personality, character, and intentions.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting can tell a lot about a person’s personality traits and emotional state. Excessive use of capital letters, underlined words, and random punctuation can display a lack of self-control and obsessive behavior. Slanted letters to the left indicate emotional guardedness while slanted letters to the right show emotional-driven impulsivity. People with straight and vertical penmanship tend to be calm and collected. However, overly precise handwriting could mean a fear of imperfection and loss of control. Handwriting can be a red flag to beware of someone’s personality and traits.

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