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Summary of: The Storytelling Code: 10 Simple Rules to Shape and Tell a Brilliant Story
By: Dana Norris


Embark on a journey to discover the power of storytelling with ‘The Storytelling Code: 10 Simple Rules to Shape and Tell a Brilliant Story’ by Dana Norris. Through this engaging guide, you’ll learn the essentials of crafting captivating narratives for public speaking, improving social presentations, and delivering compelling stories with impact. This book offers valuable tips, charts, and checklists to help you master the art of storytelling, focusing on audience consideration, defining the story’s point, and evoking emotions in your audience. Get ready to enhance your storytelling skills, whether you’re giving a toast, a speech, or a stand-up comedy performance.

The Art of Storytelling

In her book, Dana Norris provides a concise guide on effective storytelling for public speaking. Her approach is not limited to business settings, but rather provides useful tips that can be used in social settings and onstage performances. Norris emphasizes the importance of considering the audience, message, and purpose of the story. She offers helpful charts and checklists that can be applied to toasts, speeches, and even stand-up comedy. However, her advice may not be suitable for formal business environments. While her tips may not be groundbreaking, they are inclusive and straightforward, making them applicable to all types of storytellers. Overall, Norris encourages readers to communicate their message in a way that is compelling and aligned with their intended purpose. For those seeking storytelling advice specifically for professional settings, she suggests exploring parallel works such as Sell with a Story and Lead with a Story by Paul Smith.

Crafting an Engaging Story

In her book, the author advises that every plot must have a beginning, a problem, and a solution, including failed attempts at resolution. She stresses the importance of conflict and tension and creating a relatable protagonist who overcomes obstacles. The author also emphasizes the significance of incorporating emotions and reactions to events to create a lasting impact on the audience. To align your plot with your story goal, Norris asserts that you must describe details, tell the truth, and realistically recreate dialogue in your narrative.

Mastering Presentations

Effective presentations require knowing your audience, deliberate practice, and appropriate language. According to Norris, consider audience demographics, setting, and schedule. Practice and mark your notes for pace, pauses, and emotional tone before presentation day. Profanity should only be used if appropriate to the audience.

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