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Summary of: Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists
By: Bill O’Reilly


Delve into the intricate web of geopolitical espionage as Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists’ takes you on a thrilling historical journey. The book explores the rise of Qasem Soleimani, an ambitious soldier who transforms into a ruthless leader at the helm of the Quds Force. As the book unfolds, you’ll witness the formation of ties between Iran and global terror factions and the ensuing chaos in the Middle East. Discover the covert operations that ultimately led to the collapse of ISIS and the killing of Soleimani, offering a compelling insight into the strategically executed war on terror.

The Rise of Qasem Soleimani

Qasem Soleimani, a former 22-year-old with no military experience, joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and quickly rose through the ranks. He believes in weakening Iraq and extends the philosophy to all countries in the region, especially the US. Under his command of the Quds Force, Soleimani wages “secret wars” across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, supporting terror factions, insurrection, and attacks against the US. Soleimani grows to become “the single most powerful operative in the world today,” controlling Iran’s policies regarding Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, and Afghanistan.

Iran and the Battle for Tikrit

In March 2015, Iran launches an attack on ISIS with 20,000 Shia military fighters in Tikrit, a significant city symbolically and tactically. ISIS, vastly outnumbered, faces attacks from Iran and the US simultaneously and is on the retreat.

IRGC and General Soleimani: The Greater Threat?

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs meets to discuss the threat of ISIS. However, the attention quickly shifts to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and their leader, General Soleimani, who many view as a far greater threat. The IRGC is accused of supporting terrorism, human rights abuses, and nuclear proliferation. Soleimani is considered a brilliant leader and his elimination would be an unrecoverable loss of leadership and intelligence. The committee discusses this threat for two hours, but Soleimani is only mentioned twice. Despite this, Soleimani remains a formidable figure, and a greater threat than ISIS. In the following weeks, ISIS is forced out of Tikrit, but Soleimani remains in the shadows. Meanwhile, a Pakistani couple inspired by ISIS attack a local building in San Bernardino, leaving 14 people dead.

Soleimani’s Strategic Victory and the US Threat

In this book excerpt, Soleimani writes to Iran’s supreme leader to affirm his triumph over ISIS in Syria. He also accuses the US of plotting terrorist attacks and making it clear that the country is at war with him. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo, head of the CIA, warns that Soleimani and Iran are accountable for any attacks on American interests. As Soleimani closes in on al-Baghdadi, who plots to kill him, President Trump orders the elimination of both. This gripping story follows the power struggle and looming threat of terrorism as Soleimani seeks vengeance for the first ISIS attack on Iranian soil.

The Downfall of a Terrorist Leader

In this book summary, we follow the sequence of events leading to the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a notorious leader of the terrorist group, ISIS. Starting with President Trump’s State of the Union address in 2018, we learn about the tactics that were employed to capture and eliminate top leaders of the group. We discover how the CIA used a fabricated text message to lure key members into a trap, leading to their arrest and subsequent silence. However, the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi remained a mystery, until a betrayal by an Arab who provided inside knowledge about the compound where he was hiding. The US Army’s Night Stalkers were then dispatched to storm the compound, leading to a fierce gun battle and the ultimate death of al-Baghdadi, who killed himself and his two children using a suicide vest. The summary concludes with President Trump announcing the news of the successful operation to the world, and the global response to the event.

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