One Day | Gene Weingarten

Summary of: One Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America
By: Gene Weingarten


In ‘One Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America’, acclaimed author Gene Weingarten introduces readers to a day chosen at random, meticulously illustrating the profoundly human stories that unfolded across the United States within a 24-hour period. By detailing tragic, joyous, and bittersweet events from December 28, 1986, Weingarten aims to illuminate how seemingly ordinary moments in time can encapsulate the full range of human experiences. Get ready to dive into a diverse tapestry of compelling narratives, showcasing a life-saving heart transplant, devastating fires, unexpected love, and a poignant murder case.

Finding the Story of an Ordinary Day

In his book, Washington Post editor Gene Weingarten selects a seemingly uneventful day, December 28, 1986, and uncovers the extraordinary stories that occurred across the United States from midnight to midnight. Weingarten utilizes a unique approach to storytelling, drawing inspiration from his previous successful “stunts.” He believes that there is a story behind everyone and everything if one has the patience and skill to find it. Despite the day initially appearing as the ultimate “slow news day,” Weingarten discovers a successful heart transplant, devastating house fires, a comical yet heartwarming love story, and a tragic murder. Through his book, Weingarten hoped to show that every day is a microcosm of the human drama, containing both the joys and sorrows of life. The day ends with the Grateful Dead’s performance of “Black Peter” in Oakland, California, concluding a poignant and diverse range of stories.

A Tragic Love Story

A house fire in Falls City, Nebraska claimed the lives of three people, including Todd Thrane, who was not a babysitter but the father of two children, Savannah and Tony, whom he shared with Becky Gill. Todd had a troubled past and had turned his life around, but his heroic act of saving the children from the fire led to his death. Becky was pregnant with their son, Mark Gill, at the time of the tragedy. Mark’s life took some dark turns as he turned to a life of crime, but he eventually turned things around and now works in the marijuana industry.

The Costly Theft Resolving a Moral Debate

In 1986, Roger Williams College had its valuable antique weather vane stolen, which resolved a philosophical debate amongst faculty. The vane, depicting a Native American archer believed to be Metacomet, was securely anchored on top of the performing arts center to prevent theft. The debate focused on whether the vane was cultural appropriation or a belated apology for Native American oppression. Despite the debate’s publicity, nothing was accomplished, and the vane became more famous. Thieves eventually stole the vane, removing it from its antitheft precautions and resolving the moral debate at a high cost.

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