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Summary of: Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life
By: Marie Kondō


Dive into the wisdom of Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life, a comprehensive guide to achieving balanced living by Marie Kondō. Explore the significance of creating your ideal space, lifestyle, and improving your home through intuition and observation. With a deep understanding of the Japanese concept of ‘kurashi,’ learn how conscious actions shape your daily existence. By visualizing your ideal living space and making choices based on it, you’ll find your home transformed into a source of inspiration.

Designing Your Ideal Life

Imagine your ideal living space without constraints – a rustic cabin, a bohemian apartment, a Versailles-chic rococo palace, or anything else. Trust your intuition and imagine your ideal life, not just your ideal space. Your ideal conception of your life can inform every aspect of how you live, and your home should support your vision. Find joy in aspirational images of interiors and lifestyles and commit to living just like you would inside your ideal home. Remember that kurashi is not something you have; it is something you do.

A Conversation with Your Home

Your home is talking to you, and it’s time to start listening. In “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Marie Kondo encourages readers to connect with their homes and possessions in a way that leads to a more joyful and fulfilling life. Start with a simple “hello” to your home, and then spend time getting to know its personality. Each object in your space has a perspective, and taking the time to understand that perspective can lead to better storage systems and a more sacred approach to caring for your possessions. By appreciating what you already have, you can resist the urge to consume more and instead find true joy in the things that surround you every day.

Creating a Joyful Home

Learn how to optimize your living space and cultivate a joyful atmosphere by making intentional choices in each room of your home. From the entryway to the bedroom and beyond, this guide provides practical tips for creating a welcoming and serene environment.

Are you tired of coming home to a cluttered and chaotic space? Do you wish your living space could evoke a sense of calm and joy? Look no further – this guide is here to help.

Starting with the entryway, the author emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming and decluttered space. By investing in storage for coats and shoes, and limiting the number of objects in this small area, you can set the tone for a peaceful home environment.

Moving on to the living room, the author encourages readers to consider how this space can reflect their personal values and passions. Whether it’s displaying family photos, travel souvenirs, or a collection of books, the key is to create an inviting space that invites connection and conversation.

In the kitchen, the author emphasizes the importance of keeping things tidy and well-organized. By avoiding clutter on countertops and using storage canisters to keep dry goods organized, you can create a practical and pleasing space for meal preparation.

When it comes to the bedroom, the focus is on creating a restful atmosphere that prioritizes sensory experience. From high-quality bedding and soothing scents to a minimalistic decor approach and a designated “joy niche,” this space should be a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Finally, the author encourages readers to personalize their walls with art and decor that inspire them. By treating the walls of your home as a canvas for self-expression, you can create a space that reflects your unique style and personality.

Overall, this guide provides practical and accessible tips for creating a joyful home environment. By making intentional choices in each room of your home, you can cultivate a space that is both enjoyable and calming.

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