20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and other Classic Novels | Jules Verne

Summary of: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and other Classic Novels
By: Jules Verne


Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure in Jules Verne’s classic novel, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and other Classic Novels.” Join Dr. Pierre Aronnax, a French marine biologist, as he investigates reports of a mysterious sea monster. Alongside a spirited crew, he seeks the truth behind the sightings and embarks on a perilous journey aboard an incredible submarine, the Nautilus. Guided by its enigmatic Captain Nemo, they explore the secrets of the deep, encountering astonishing creatures, lost cities, and breathtaking underwater landscapes. Yet, as they navigate the world’s oceans, they must confront the darker, more human side of their quest.

Hunt for the Mysterious Sea Monster

The world is in turmoil as a massive sea monster wreaks havoc in the oceans, with conflicting opinions about its existence. Dr. Pierre Aronnax risks his reputation to assert its existence and joins an expedition to hunt down the creature, led by Captain Farragut. Alongside him is French-Canadian harpoonist Ned Land, renowned for his whale-hunting skills. With a series of encounters with the monster, the expeditioners realize it is not just a creature of the sea but a man-made submarine. The Hunt for the Mysterious Sea Monster takes an unexpected turn, and the mission becomes a fight for survival.

The Hunt for a Mythical Monster

In search of a legendary sea monster, the crew of the Abraham Lincoln sails across the Pacific Ocean. While the whole crew enthusiastically scans the horizon for the creature, Ned remains doubtful. Despite spending three months scouring the waters between Japan and North America, they find nothing except whales. As the mood deteriorates and the crew considers mutiny, Captain Farragut refuses to abandon the hunt. Finally, he relents and agrees to return home if they haven’t found anything in three days.

The Submarine Monster

In Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” the crew of the Abraham Lincoln come face to face with a creature that has been puzzling seamen for years. It emits an eerie glow, and even the heavy artillery of the ship fails to harm it. Eventually, the creature attacks the Abraham Lincoln and turns out to be a human construction- a submarine. The crew is saved from drowning by clinging onto the back of the menacing contraption. The tale is a perfect blend of science fiction, action, and adventure that has thrilled readers for generations.

Trapped in a Submarine

Three men are taken hostage aboard Captain Nemo’s submarine, the Nautilus, after discovering the vessel’s existence. Although they are not allowed to leave, they are given the freedom to roam the ship under the condition that they return to their locked quarters when instructed. As they sail deep into the ocean, Dr. Aronnax becomes fascinated with the sea’s secrets, but Ned grows increasingly angry and violent towards their captors. Captain Nemo, a man who has broken all ties with humanity, explains that he cannot let them go. However, he promises to unveil the ocean’s mysteries to them. Despite the initial shock and anger, the men come to terms with their predicament and begin to explore the wonders of the underwater world while grappling with their captivity.

Inside Captain Nemo’s Submarine

Dr. Aronnax explores the wonders of Captain Nemo’s submarine, powered by electricity from the sea and boasting a well-stocked library, valuable art pieces, exclusive marine plant and animal collections, and its own food source. Everything on board comes from the sea, including special cigars made from nicotine-rich plants, turtle filet replacing meat, and sea cucumber taking the place of fruit. The vessel can withstand high pressure while diving to the ocean’s deepest parts and has a dinghy fitted within its shell that can only be released above water. Nemo’s motive for creating this technological marvel was to escape from humanity.

Underwater Adventure

Join Captain Nemo, Dr. Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned on an exciting underwater hunt as they explore the Pacific Ocean in the Nautilus. Equipped with top-of-the-line gear, the group journeys to underwater forests for a close encounter with sea creatures. The trip leaves a lasting impression on the prisoners, though they only manage to catch a sea otter. On their way to various islands, Captain Nemo reveals his wish to die at the bottom of the ocean. But it’s not all smooth sailing as the group narrowly escapes a pack of tintorea sharks. Get ready for an unforgettable deep-sea adventure.

Island Adventures

Captain Nemo’s Nautilus runs aground on a tropical island, providing his prisoners with an opportunity to explore and hunt for fresh food. The excitement is short-lived as a native attack forces them to flee back to the submarine. Despite concern from his crew, and surprise from Dr. Aronnax, Nemo remains unconcerned about the natives. The following day, it becomes apparent why as Nemo electrifies the ship’s railings, thwarting the attacks.

Captain Nemo’s Underwater World

Dr. Aronnax joins Captain Nemo on a journey to an underwater cemetery, where the crew mourns one of their members. Captain Nemo seeks medical assistance from Dr. Aronnax for the injured crew member, but unfortunately, he dies. Later, Captain Nemo takes Dr. Aronnax on another underwater excursion to a beautiful underwater landscape, where they bury their dead crew member.

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