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Summary of: Of Mice and Men: The Play
By: John Steinbeck


Embark on an emotional journey through ‘Of Mice and Men: The Play’ by John Steinbeck, exploring the power of dreams, camaraderie, and human nature. In this summary, you’ll delve into the lives of two nomadic ranch workers – the quick-witted George Milton and the childlike Lennie Small. Together, they navigate their way through tough times by clinging on to their ultimate dream – to own a piece of land and live ‘off the fatta the lan’.’ Despite the darkness that often looms over their world, the complex relationship between George and Lennie continues to sparkle with moments of comfort and understanding. Among the obstacles they face are the loneliness and insecurities of fellow ranch workers and the dangerous allure of Curley’s flirtatious wife.

The Dreams of Migrant Workers

Two migrant workers, George and Lennie, are on a job hunt in California. George is small and swift, while Lennie is a massive and slow-witted man. Lennie has a fascination with small animals, which George thinks is foolish. Their shared dream is to save enough money to buy their ranch with various animals, and most importantly, rabbits. Despite Lennie’s unintentional missteps getting them into trouble, George is protective of him and envisions a better future for them.

Trouble Brewing

At their new ranch job, George and Lennie meet their suspicious boss, confront a violent son, and receive a warning about Curley’s flirtatious wife. The trustworthy appearance of Slim contrasts with that of a foul-mouthed Carlson, who suggests shooting Candy’s old dog.

George and Lennie’s new boss responds with suspicion when the latter refuses to speak. Moreover, Curley, the boss’s aggressive son, picks fights with bigger men that put Lennie at risk. The old-timer, Candy, warns the friends to keep away from Curley and shares that his behavior has worsened since marrying a flirtatious woman. Sensing trouble, George advises Lennie to avoid Curley’s wife. Later on, Slim, a horse handler, arrives and contrasts with a crude man named Carlson, who suggests putting down Candy’s dog.

This summary highlights the main characters and their relationships, emphasizing the potential for trouble brewing on the ranch. The dynamic between the boss and his son, the gossip about Curley’s wife, and the decision regarding the old dog all raise the stakes for George and Lennie.

A Troubled Friendship

Lennie and George’s bond is explored, and George recounts their shared past, including a traumatic incident.

Lennie and George’s friendship is at the heart of this story, as their unlikely pairing raises questions from those around them. When Lennie becomes enamored with a litter of puppies, George understands his friend’s desires and asks for another to be given to him. However, their closeness is fraught with challenges due to Lennie’s strength combined with his innocence. In the past, Lennie’s lack of understanding of his own physical power caused serious problems, such as being accused of rape. George admits that initially, he had mocked Lennie’s naivety, but now he feels a sense of responsibility towards him. Regardless, Lennie’s tendency to get in trouble remains a challenge that they must both face.

Overall, the book explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the challenges of caring for someone who is fundamentally different from oneself. Through George’s reflections on their shared past, the reader gains a deeper insight into the bond between these two complex characters.

The Power of Dreams

In John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” the dreams of three men collide with the cruel reality of their circumstances. The novella centers on George and Lennie, two migrant workers who dream of owning a small farm one day. Candy, an old swamper, joins their endeavor with an offer to finance their shared dream. However, their plans are derailed when Curley, the boss’s son, enters the scene in a jealous rage. He attacks and provokes Lennie, a gentle giant with a childlike mind, sparking a fight that results in Curley’s hand being crushed. Slim orders Curley to lie about getting his hand caught in a machine, saving the group from trouble. The novel examines the complexities of the human experience and the power of dreams against a backdrop of poverty and despair.

A Unique Friendship

The crippled black stable hand, Crooks, meets Lennie, offering a rare opportunity for a kindred spirit. Crooks realizes that Lennie is not a threat, and they bond over their shared loneliness. The conversation takes an interesting turn when Crooks questions Lennie about their future if George were to die unexpectedly. Lennie doesn’t comprehend the gravity of the situation, leading to Crooks revealing his sense of bitterness and isolation as the only black man on the ranch. But when Candy arrives with news of their farm, Crooks offers to join them in exchange for room and board.

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