The Call of the Wild | Jack London

Summary of: The Call of the Wild
By: Jack London


Embark on a breathtaking journey of survival and self-discovery with Buck, a four-year-old mongrel who is torn from his idyllic life on a Californian farm and thrust into the brutal world of sled dogs. ‘The Call of the Wild’ by Jack London captures Buck’s transformation as he learns to adapt to his harsh new environment, tapping into his ancestral instincts along the way. Experience Buck’s harrowing adventures as he journeys through the unforgiving wilderness, encounters various characters, befriends other sled dogs, and ultimately realizes his destiny in the wild under the reign of primitive law.

Buck’s Wild Journey

In the 19th century, Buck, a proud and independent mongrel, lives on a farm in California. He spends his days playing with children and accompanying the older ones on hunts. Despite being domesticated, Buck remains wild at heart. He feels superior to the other dogs on the farm and refuses to be a mere house pet. Follow Buck as he embarks on a perilous adventure, discovering his true nature and fighting to survive in the harshness of the Alaskan wilderness.

The Brutal Journey of Buck

Manuel, the Judge’s gardener, needs money to settle his gambling debts and sells Buck to a stranger. Buck tries to fight back but is eventually taken as a captive in a crate during a train journey. A man in a red jumper takes him for a sled dog and breaks Buck’s wild spirit with a club. Buck submits but refuses to seek favor from him. He is then sold to sled drivers and starts his new brutal journey.

Buck Learns the Law

Buck, a kidnapped dog, is sold to a man in a red jumper who beats him with a club and introduces him to the law of the wild. Buck learns that the man with the club is his master, but he refuses to gain favor with his oppressor. After being sold to sled drivers Perrault and François along with another dog, Curly, Buck joins their team of sled dogs.

Buck’s Quest for Survival

Buck, a domesticated dog, experiences snow for the first time on a ship traveling north with other dogs. His arrival at Dyea Beach opens his eyes to the brutal reality of the wild. His teammate Curly is attacked and killed by a husky, teaching Buck to keep a low profile and mistrust his lead dog, Spitz. François puts Buck in a harness with other dogs, and he quickly learns to pull the sled as a team. Buck’s muscles and instincts adapt to his new environment, and he discovers that survival in the wild requires burying himself in the snow to keep warm and eating his ration quickly to avoid theft. Despite the humiliation of being used as a common draught animal, Buck survives by relying on the deeply buried inheritance of his ancestors.

Rivalry in the Cold

Spitz and Buck’s growing animosity reaches a boiling point in the midst of a brutal fight for survival against a pack of wild huskies. Spitz considers Buck a threat and constantly harasses him, but Buck tries to avoid confrontation. However, when Spitz takes Buck’s sleeping hole, Buck attacks him. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a pack of starved huskies who attack the sled dogs. In the midst of the chaos, Spitz continues to target Buck. Despite managing to drive off the huskies, the dogs are injured and have lost half of their supplies.

Buck’s Rise to Leadership

After Dolly’s sudden madness and death, Buck engages in a power struggle with Spitz. Buck never directly opposes Spitz but subtly undermines his leadership. The team makes it to Dawson uneventfully, but discipline falls apart on the way back due to Spitz and Buck’s constant fight for dominance. Buck finally gains an opportunity to challenge Spitz after he kills a rabbit. Their fight ends with Buck breaking Spitz’s legs and becoming the new leader.

Buck’s Rise to Leadership

Buck proves himself as an exceptional leader of the sled team in the book “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London. After Spitz’s defeat, Buck sets his sights on becoming the new leader, but Perrault and François choose Sol Lek instead. Buck resists being harnessed until the handlers finally concede. Buck becomes an even better leader than Spitz, and discipline is restored. The team is sold to a Scottish half-breed who transports mail between Skagway and Dawson. Under Buck’s leadership, the team manages the heavier load. Buck has visions of a primeval man throughout the journey.

A Tragic Fate for the Sled Dogs

The sled dogs are pushed to their limits as they transport mail through the unforgiving Alaskan terrain. Dave, one of the dogs, suffers from a mysterious ailment that weakens him; despite their attempts to let him rest, Dave refuses to leave his place as lead sled dog. When he becomes too weak to continue, one of the handlers shoots him. The remaining dogs are sold to unprepared adventurers who mistreat them, overburdening them with a poorly-packed sled and refusing them proper sustenance. The dogs grow weaker and weaker, and some ultimately starve to death. The story is a heartbreaking exploration of the all-too-common mistreatment of animals, and the consequences that result when we fail to show them the care and respect they deserve.

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