The Old Man and the Sea | Ernest Hemingway

Summary of: The Old Man and the Sea: The Hemingway Library Edition
By: Ernest Hemingway


The Old Man and the Sea: The Hemingway Library Edition, by Ernest Hemingway, is a captivating story revolving around Santiago, an old Cuban fisherman who desperately needs a good catch after being haunted by bad luck for 84 days. The book effortlessly embodies themes of persistence, the human connection with nature, and friendship through Santiago’s relationship with a young boy named Manolin. Embark on a journey with Santiago as he goes far out into the sea, making a deep connection with the ocean and its creatures, all while engaging in an epic duel with a marlin and facing unexpected challenges such as relentless sharks.

The Unlucky Fisherman

Santiago, an old Cuban fisherman, has gone 84 days without catching a fish. He is a poor widower with no family and the other fishermen keep their distance. Only the boy Manolin helps him with the boat, but now his parents have forbidden him from going out with Santiago because of his bad luck. Santiago remains optimistic, his eyes still cheerful and undefeated.

A Heartfelt Friendship

An endearing conversation between an old fisherman and his young friend unveils their mutual love for fishing and baseball. The boy takes care of the old man, who dreams of his past, admiring the beauty of Africa and feeling connected to the renowned baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Despite being poor, the boy plans to get the old man a few necessities to help him survive the winter. The conversation reveals a heartwarming friendship between two people who share a passion for fishing and baseball.

The Old Man and the Sea

Santiago, an experienced fisherman, sets out on a voyage to catch a great haul in the sea. Despite facing numerous challenges, including a lack of luck, Santiago navigates the waters with expertise. He reads the ocean’s signs, hauls in a small tuna, and continues to soliloquize about aquatic life. Despite his setbacks, Santiago remains determined, hoping the sea will eventually reward him with a grand prize.

The Epic Battle for a Marlin

Santiago, an old fisherman, finally catches a big fish, a marlin, after many hours of waiting and battling the ocean. The fish starts towing the boat along with it, making Santiago’s task more difficult. He must delicately unleash the line, while keeping it reasonably tight at the same time, for the bait and hook to move deeper into the animal’s throat and kill it eventually. Santiago must hold the line against his back and stay on guard in case the tension changes, so he can react swiftly. The fisherman must hold out, but it seems that the fish has no intention of giving up either. Santiago forces himself to eat the raw tuna to keep up his strength but in the night, his back stiffens, and his left hand completely cramps up, forming a claw. He must change his sitting position and wait until that hand opens by itself. The final battle with the fish – the hauling in begins when the slant of the line changes, and the fish emerges. It jumps while the old man realizes how enormous and magnificent it is.

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