Verity | Colleen Hoover

Summary of: Verity
By: Colleen Hoover


Dive into the thrilling world of Verity, a captivating mystery novel by Colleen Hoover that explores the entangled lives of Lowen, a struggling writer, and Jeremy, a grieving husband. As Lowen is offered a life-altering opportunity to complete the works of the renowned author, Verity Crawford, she gradually uncovers dark secrets threatening to shatter her reality. A tale of loss, deception, and obsession, this book summary weaves a gripping narrative that leaves readers questioning the true nature of the characters and their actions. Discover the eerie parallels between Lowen and Verity, the power of addiction, and the fine line between myth and reality in this sinister, yet irresistible story.

Uncovering the Parallels in “Verity”

The opening chapters of “Verity” introduce the emotionally charged lives of Lowen and Jeremy. Parallel stories of their disrupted lives gradually unravel, with the revelation of a manuscript, “So Be It.” Lowen’s desire to devour Verity’s manuscript and the uncanny comparison between her and Verity become apparent. The novel-within-a-novel structure sets up a thrilling mystery that unfolds as we see both Lowen and Verity’s discovery of the manuscript from their different points of view.

Layers of Deception

Lowen discovers Verity’s disturbing autobiography and delves deeper into the family’s disturbing secrets, leading to a growing sense of danger and suspicion. As her fantasies become intertwined with reality, Verity’s physical and psychological presence pose a threat that puts Lowen on edge, culminating in a shocking revelation that will upend everything she thought she knew.

Verity’s Deadly Secrets

Lowen’s journey intensifies in a spiral of events as Verity’s manuscript reveals violent conflicts, a tragic death, and chilling conspiracies. Lowen confronts Verity about her manipulative behavior, uncovering a shocking confession that threatens to destroy everything. As she and Jeremy rush to uncover the truth, they find themselves caught in a dangerous web of lies and deceit, with a dark foreshadowing of a deadly car accident that could change everything.

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