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Summary of: Intuition: Its Powers and Perils
By: David G. Myers


Welcome to the intriguing world of intuition, where the capacity to fast-track your decision-making skills and expand your awareness is at your fingertips. In ‘Intuition: Its Powers and Perils’, David G. Myers illustrates how intuition serves as a potent inner guidance system that has accompanied humans throughout history. By exploring the two opposing spectrums of the brain – reason and analysis in the left hemisphere, and intuition and creativity in the right – we delve into how achieving a state of flow can help to develop and strengthen this innate talent. Through a variety of exercises aimed at improving your intuitive abilities, you’ll learn to harness the power of synchronicity, tap into the energy of the universe, and uncover a plethora of ways to access your intuition in everyday life.

Trusting Your Intuition

Intuition is a powerful inner guidance system that everyone possesses and can develop with practice. The left hemisphere of the brain houses logical thinking, while the right hemisphere holds intuition. Despite relying heavily on rational thought, humans have always consulted intuition for guidance.

The concept of intuition is often referred to as psychic ability, sixth sense, or uncommon sense. In reality, it is an inner awareness and a sense of knowing that exists outside of logical thinking. Everyone has intuitive behavior, but some people show it more than others. It is like an inner muscle that can be trained to improve inner fitness.

The human brain has two opposing camps: the left hemisphere, where adult behavior, such as reason, analysis, criticism, and objectivity, are housed, and the right hemisphere, where intuitive behavior, such as inspiration, play, wonder, psychic ability, subjectivity, and creativity, are found. Throughout human evolution, there have been periods where one hemisphere dominated the other. Although modern man relies heavily on highly developed rationality to survive, primitive man probably relied on highly developed instinct and intuition.

Despite the need to control the world through rational thought, humans still rely heavily on intuition to make decisions. Intuition provides the focus and clarity needed to make the best decisions and is a powerful inner guidance system that has been present in humans since the beginning of time.

Unleashing Your Intuition

Intuition is the key to unlocking the flow state – a state of heightened awareness that connects us to all consciousness and information. With technology taking care of left-brain thinking, we can tap into the power of our intuition to access new levels of creativity and solve difficult problems. This can be achieved through exercises such as going with the flow, flow recall, and creating the flow. We must also learn to turn off our judgmental left brain to tap into this power. The space/time continuum is made of dreams, and keeping a dream log can help us access intuitive information. Finally, synchronicity and meaningful coincidences can be used to align ourselves with a larger awareness, and we can increase our intuitive abilities through exercises like guessing events before they happen.

Unlocking the Universal Energy Flow

The book explains the concept of chi or prana, the universal energy that surrounds us, and how connecting with our intuition aligns us with this energy. The text explores the seven major fields of energy, or chakras, and their associated colors, with each chakra representing a different body area and aspect of our being. This knowledge can help individuals interpret information received from intuition, which may come in the form of these colors. Science confirms the existence of the electromagnetic energy field surrounding each of us, which can be captured with Kirlian photography. The book also notes that people experiencing high-energy states are often described in terms of light, such as pregnant women being “glowing” or brides being “radiant.” The book hints at a growing evolution of thinking that connects us all to the universe’s energetic flow.

Mastering Intuition

Unlock your innate intuition by learning the technique of focusing. This involves directing your awareness towards your intuitive source, with exercises such as breath charge and neck rolls. Concentration is the next step, with whole focusing exercises like concentrating on a single object. Visualization is the third step, received through projecting clear mental images, as practiced in image power. The book explains that it is crucial to be open to both the existence and the potential of your intuition. “Everything is energy”, and connecting to your intuition can have a life-changing impact. Daily practice and persistence are key to mastering intuition and unleashing its power.

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